Wednesday, November 25, 2015

1d6 Random Demonic Encounters Table For Your Old School Campaign

Adventurers often face down the hordes of Hell and even when they think that they've been defeated the powers of chaos are often lurking on the edges and fields of oblivion just waiting to take full advantage of their prey. Here are six entities that are more then happy to spread their special brand of misery onto their victims.

Many of these horrors come from the Outer Darkness they represent leakages and bits of the horrid souls of god things that have escaped from their crystal prisons. Many of these horrors will be of the least imp types of demonic creatures or some of the more common least demons from the Monster Manual. Other sources could be easily generated using the Summon spell from the Lamentations of the Flame Princess rulebook or No Salvation for Witches appendix.
1d6 Random Demonic Encounters Table
  1. The Ele-monaquame were demons created after the darkness of chaos was split from the firmerment for the creation of the universe. These things were left in the wake of the old universe and are the collected essence of misdeed from that ancient place. They wish to feed on the order of this new universe and devour the souls of its life forms. They are like ancient, patient insects from beyond time.
  2. Ggni  are a species of demon that lurks in the empty and hidden places feeding on lone travelers to ruins and forbidden secrets. They feast on souls of those greedy for forbidden knowledge and power. They use their powers of illusion and graft to steal the faces and souls of their victims.
  3. Gubb-krhu  is a hive mind demon that feeds on ancient men and the souls of the innocent through his swarms of demonic insect beings. It is an alien and bitter entity when it comes to men and newer lesser life forms. It hungers for the flesh and essence of men. It steals power and youth with its touch
  4. Hi-bh - Are the eyeless watchers that hide in hidden ruins and forgotten temples looking to expose adventurers and travelers to their visions of vistas of forbidden realities and madness. Counts as a gaze attack upon which a save vs wands is needed to avoid their caustic gaze of madness and depravity.
  5. Iaqugot - The walkers between the forgotten spaces, these small demons are the bane of wizards whose eyeballs and tongues they crave to eat. They gain the knowledge and power of the mage whist ruining forever their abilities to cast powerful spells and rites.
  6. M'rthar - Ancient demonic horrors of the false suns of dead skies, these beings eat the brains of innocents and madmen to gain horrid insights into reality and other dimensions. They will share this knowledge by defecating into the brain pans of black wizards the knowledge that they crave in their dreams but their prices are very steep indeed. They can add 1d4 levels to a PC wizard for a demonic pact of strange terms.
Many of these entities are found with a E'rea locket or other arcane storage device that holds the minor essences of the demons. These semi precious archaic looking objects are worth at least five hundred or more gold pieces. They can be worth up to five thousand gold pieces and are often found in Atlantian or Mu ruins.

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