Thursday, November 5, 2015

1d8 Random Weird Western Finds Table For Your Old School Campaigns

There are things that are found along the trail, bits and pieces from other places that seemingly tell a story or lead into another adventure for our heroes. Some of these items don't belong in our world at all. The stuff of nightmares and things talked about campfires. A few of these items are otherworldly or weird, they can make a man question his sanity. Here then are a few items found on the trails that can bedevil or confound adventurers.

1d8 Random Weird Western Finds Table
  1. Steamer trunk that contains a family's belongings and a human hand holding a stone knife with tattoos all over the hand. The thing is warm to the touch and seems almost life like. There is a sack of gold coins in the trunk as well, there are twenty two coins. The coins have an odd greenish glow about them. 
  2. A child's  doll, the thing is beautifully put together but the eyes of the doll seem to follow you and a peak inside will reveal a small six inch scroll inside of the doll. There is a summoning spell on one side of the scroll and a cure light wounds on the other. There is also an address three miles away from your present location indicating the owner. 
  3. A stone tablet with the summon Byakee spell written in Latin on it, the thing is covered in fresh blood and a gang of outlaw/cultists is seeking out the artifact. They'll murder anyone to get it back. 
  4. A sack of 12 humanoid skulls wrought with copper and silver wire across the foreheads. Handling these causes the owner to go dizzy and weird. PC's names are written on four of them. 
  5. A quartz knife with fresh ichor and bile is buried in a corpse that lays on the side of the trail. The thing is so badly decomposed that your not sure if its even human. There are however several pieces of jewelry on the thing worth a total of 500 gold pieces including a wedding ring, earrings, and a man's bracelet. 
  6. A small silver whistle on a silver chain, blowing it produces no sound but it will summon an elemental demon of the air. There are protective sigils on the whistle.  But the demon will try to rip the summoner apart. 
  7. A jade box containing eight stone circle carvings with astronomical signs and symbols on them. A presence seems to follow the owner, and just out of the corner of your eye you can see the outline of a presence. A dimensional shambler tracks these objects and seeks to take them and the owner back to dimensional zone. 
  8. A three foot long carved tablet depicts an ancient sea monster and the writing is a summon spell for a horrid aspect of Thulu. A local cult wants the thing back and will murder for it.

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