Wednesday, November 4, 2015

1d6 Random Shields of Legend Table For Your Old School Campaigns

There are ancient shields of battle and valor that lay hidden in the sands of Accursed Atlantis, these relics were the stuff of kings of old. And they sometimes are passed from hand to hand when found in ancient ruins. These time haunt relics are handed down over generations of warriors and serve as a reminder that we are but stewards  of history and might. Here then are six shields of myth and legend laying in wait for adventurers.

1d6 Random Shields of Legend Encounter Table
  1. Caegurathin's Protection - This shield was created from a demon warrior's hide and bleeds when its owner is in danger. The thing will ripple with pride and protect each time it takes a blow and once per day can create a spell like effect the same as a fear spell. The rivets of the shield act as a protection from minor curses. 
  2. Irurnguaulia has been formed from the raw parts of a salamander's skin and gives its owner immunity to fire and minor magick flames. Once per day the owner may cause his hands to burst into magical flame that does +3 to any melee attacks. The shield will also rattle against its owner in the presence of undead. 
  3. Naturcharimau Bane - This shield has been created from the inner core of a branch of the world tree. The shield acts as protection against some minor demonic entities and resists magicks cast by those of half demon blood. Naturcharimau was a black wizard who turned on this master's servants in order to create a means of protection. His king inherited the shield but there are rumors that its most impressive magical secrets were lost with the death of its owner and maker. 
  4. Wenglingo has been created from the bones and skin of a murderer, a man mutated by the power of the Great Old One the Cold Walker. This warrior betrayed his king and for his betrayal, he was flayed and turned into this shield to protect the king's son from the power of the horrid god thing. This shield resists cold, frost, and even White Dragon's breath but it enables its owner to detect agents of the Cold Walker in whatever guises they wear. The owner may cast a cold bolt spell three times per day as if it was a magick scroll. 
  5. Ugongort is able to resist almost any blade because this shield has been created from the souls of its makers and the wizards who over saw its creation. The Ugongort people knew they were doomed and forged their own souls into a shield that could resist the power of the Old Ones. The owner of this shield gains a +2 on all saves against the works of those god things and their magicks. 
  6. Oturiturin was forged when the world was young and its last incarnation was ending. This shield allows a mage or wizard to pass into the other world twice per day when they sit in it. It is also resistance to other planar spells and devices giving a +3 to device saving throws.

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