Friday, November 27, 2015

1d6 Dangerous Random Weird Western Encounters Table For Your Old School Campaigns

There are times when out in the badlands and wastes of the trails that worlds intersect with each other; dimensional intersections, gate ways to ancient Hells, and all manner of other worldly hi jinks can cross the paths of adventurers, outlaws, cowpokes and ordinary folks out on the trails. Here are six weird encounters of dangerous aspect to confound and terrorize your players
1d6 Dangerous Random Weird Western Encounters Table
  1. 1d8 horned demon warriors out to retrieve the a herd of sky going demonic Stench cows belonging to a minor demon lord. They will see if they can snare an innocent soul or two to take back into the Abyss! 
  2. A red dragon on the hunt for a lone traveler or an easy mark for prey; he's on the hunt for a thief who has stolen a piece of artwork from his lair down near the Mexican Texas border. He will offer a small portion of Aztec gold coins for information leading to the capture of this desperado. 
  3. A very pissed off dust devil that has been gated into this world from the Elemental plane of Air and wants to go home right now. It will attack anything that comes across it. 
  4. A ghost of an Indian brave who is looking for his brothers and sisters; actually this is a spirit fragment enslaved by  nearby lich for luring would be heroes to their doom. '
  5. A tribe of 1d6 scavenger ogres warriors and adventurers who fight at third level fighters  and are quite dangerous if crossed they are crossed. They ride mutant horses and use large caliber match lock rifles. 
  6. A tribe of 1d6 mutant morlocks on horse back armed with black powder rifles, side arms, and dark glasses on mutant horse back. They are looking for slave stock and trouble, they're also hungry and very dangerous.

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