Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Review and Commentary On The OSR Resource - OSRIC Player's Guide By Steve Robertson & Stuart Marshall For Your Old School Campaigns

Stuart Marshall released the OSRIC Player's Guide   and it clocks in at around one hundred eighty pages of OSR goodness but what exactly is this book? Its a condensed down and boiled down essence of the OSRIC rule book. You can check out a free version of this book right over HERE
Personally after reading through this book I'd go for the print copy. My eyes were ready to bleed out because this book features wall to wall original artwork.

So what's in the book? Well, according to the Lulu blurb;
"OSRIC Player's Guide (Perfect Bound Softcover) At approx. 180 pages, this slim volume has all of the information that OSRIC players need and none of the stuff they don't. It essentially contains the
first 3 chapters of OSRIC, minus some of the GM content from chapter 3. It features over 70 all new illustrations created specifically for this book, relatively large print to make for easy reading, incorporates the latest errata (as of November 2012), a reorganized spells section, a spell index, and a general"
Yeah, this description doesn't really do the book any real justice, this is a slimmed down over all edited and in many respects improved version of OSRIC with the player in mind. Skipping through the book and reading it will make you want to actually run the game. So basically everything is run much tighter and leaner, the book is very well done. The print is clear and concise. The layout is very well done. There are nods here and there throughout the book to its original source material.

Everything here is very well done, the quality of the work is very nice and its actually useful to both the player and the dungeon master. All of the mechanisms for each race, attribute, and class are all grouped as they should making this a very easy book to use at the table and something well done for taking with you to a game. This sort of a natural progression puts this game reference right around the mark where it needs to be.This is the sort of high quality product that I've come to expect out of the OSR.

One of the big selling points is the clear and concise indexing of the book's contents in easy to understand indexes with large print with everything laid out for referencing and quick access at the DM's finger tips. The spells are laid out according to level, PC class and readily handy.

Bottomline do I think that this book is worth the price tag? Yes in spades in point of fact.
Stuart Marshall does an excellent job with his book and its a welcome addition to the OSRIC family. Because its a Black Friday sale on Lulu,Code TURKEY30 gets 30% off print orders at Lulu thru Thanksgiving, 11/26.

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