Thursday, November 5, 2015

1d6 Random Items Left Behind By Warriors & Adventurer's Table For Your Old School Campaigns

There are always items left behind by those who flee from the heavy hands of adventure, circumstance and tyranny during the course of adventures. These items are sometimes mundane, other times they lead into different adventures themselves. Here then is a quick encounter list for such items.

1d6 Random Items Left Behind By Warriors & Adventurer's  Table
  1. A beautiful jeweled comb with a symbol for a royal house worked into the design, the artifact is worth 600 gold pieces. 
  2. Jeweled short sword +1 with several nicks in it and a jewel missing. Worth 500 gold pieces and a nearby house is looking for the owner. 
  3. A jeweled woman's mirror made of silver, bone, and spell glass. The piece allows the owner to use the wizard's eye spell three times per day. Worth over 20,000 gold pieces. A wizard is hunting for the woman that this piece belonged to. 
  4. A small round shield and short sword of +2 variety named Heart Taker lay on the ground. The weapons are worth 30000 gold pieces and a local Warlord is looking for the owner to murder him. 
  5. A very nice crown of jewel encrusted silver has been ruined because of the notches and knocks in the the piece. Originally worth 30000 gold pieces. There are said to be enchantments keyed to the chosen one who will tame this magic item, only then can its full power be unlocked. 
  6. A tablet of jade and ivory upon whose surface is reflected the names of ten thousand kings. This item can act as a summon and speak with dead three times per day. The tablet is worth 10000 gold coins

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