Tuesday, November 3, 2015

1d6 Weird Western Ruins of Terrifying Aspect Table For Your Old School Campaigns

There are adventure locations that call out from the echoes of eternity to lure adventurers into their hideous grasp. Place where the rules of time and space bend to the will of supernatural forces and horrors beyond imagination. These are places where the touch of destiny is merely an echo away and adventurers, fools, and hunters after fortune are drawn into the web of supernatural horror beyond the ken of men. These places act as lures drawing men, mutants, and madmen alike to their doom.
1d6 Weird Western Ruins of  Terrifying Aspect Table
  1. Chiaugorodu School House - This is a single room school house from Eighteen hundred or so, the place is semi delapadated but it offers a structure in the wastelands or deserts against the elements.There's always a dust storm or extreme weather around the school house. In another reality, bandits raided this place and slaughtered the occupants. They hid their loot someplace within, the school house was built over a series of ancient underground tunnels and even now a nest of dangerous volts makes its home in the rafters. Below in the tunnels 1d4 coffer corpses await the next series of victims to stumble upon the place. 
  2. The Hotel Eldugulkorola is an abandoned hotel that is the home to vicious band of 1d8 mutant cannibals that makes their home in the basement. A statue of an old one has warped the brains of the owners of the place and they can never leave. The power of the statue moves the building throughout space and time randomly appearing across several decades in the same spot. The loot of a hundred tours throughout the ages is also stashed here. 
  3. The ruins of St. Orgwentheli - This former church location has been corrupted by the cult of Korothau the butcher a chaos god gory and dangerous aspect. His shadow demons haunt the corners of the church, a treasure of minor artifacts has been placed in the center of the church to draw in fools. This place moves according to the whims of Korothau. Several traps have been placed with the church's confines. 
  4. The first bank of Auazgongi - This incredibly formidable structure was once the local cover for the cult of chaos of Valorororcava goddess of murderous silence. There is an alter that was created to honor the violent aspects of this chaos goddess. A hundred skulls have been piled high and a very dangerous demon guards this place. Several piles of minor treasures, relics, and other pieces of gold are scattered in sacred piles waiting to tempt adventurers to their dooms. Jellies and other horrors of a slime nature cover this treasure. 
  5. The ruins of Shircal seminary - This was once a mighty clerical training center, the extent of the levels is unknown but many wealthy families donated objects of precious aspect were donated to pay for this site but many have not been cashed in. There are rumors of a hidden treasure in this place. Shadows, horrors, and evil all await the adventurers who brave this place. 
  6. Obaulingung's castle - This was an unreal looking building is a custom created wizard's tower but the wizard has long since departed this world. A family of 1d6 fire newt warriors has moved in and they're under the command of a minor lich has taken over some of the undead that live at the lowest levels of the place and has been raiding the nearby country folk. He's amassed a small fortune in jewels, minor artifacts, and a few relic pieces. The rumors of this place lure in the foolish. Many don't return, there is a reward for the safe return of a rancher's daughter. 

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