Thursday, November 12, 2015

"Fire Fight With The Mi Go At Asylum Q" Actual Play Event & Encounter Tables

The other night I finally wrapped up Asylum Q, the PC's managed to rescue all of the Elves from the clutches of the evil medical experimenters who were harvesting the brains and organs. Some 'old friends' of the party of adventurers reared their heads in the form of the Mi Go. Archaic and alien tech was all over the place as the PC's explored the inner tunnels below to the realm of horror below the bowels of the place. Mazes of hallways, twisting tunnels, and weird back rooms all circled around the inner workings.
Elves were strapped in on stretchers, IV's sticking out and diagnostic machines kept track of their lives as organs were harvested for unknown and alien purpose.

After a lengthy fire fire with arrows, firearms, and energy weapons two of the PC's were injured but the rest of the party was able to route the Mi Go workers. But the PC's have no idea who's really behind the kidnapping of the Elves. The vile villain has been one step ahead of the PC's throughout this game. The PC's were able to escape through a gate they had come through earlier in this adventure and had managed to even get a bit of loot in the process. But it cost them at several turns in the form of injuries and problems. By two AM they had jumped several dimensional gates and returned the Elves to their Neo England home.
Yes that's right this was a long game and it took that long to wrap up this leg of my campaign.
Mi Go by Khannea SunTzu
Some of the monsters & inhabitants they had encountered in Asylum Q kept them rather busy and almost ended two parties. The other dimensional adventure location still stands awaiting to cause all kinds of hell for any old school adventurers that run into it. Asylum Q sits there on five miles of twisting hellscape waiting to trap,destroy and twist anyone that runs into it. Here are some of the random encounters that the PC's ran into.

Note that anyone staying in the other dimensional location of the asylum for more then 4 hours must make a save vs magic roll or become mutated by the weird alien radiations that run throughout Asylum Q.

Asylum Q Random Adventure Encounters Table
The Inner Levels

  1. 1d8 Apparitions lost in time and space, former victims of the place. They were caught in the events that created the space time accident of the asylum. They hunger for the life force and souls of their victims. 
  2. 1d4 giant mutated assassin bugs looking for new hosts for their progeny. These things will sport 1d6 minor mutations. 
  3. A dimensional  vortex where 1d4 astral searchers are waiting, these beings are former staff of the hospital and are searching for bodies and victims to possesses. They are unaware of their current state of being. 
  4. 1d4 A family of Adherers who are the mutated victims of this place. They are former adventurers twisted by the other dimensional energies of the place. They seek fresh prey but can sleep for decades if necessary. 
  5. A blindhem on the loose looking for a victim to drag off and eat. 
  6. 1d6 giant blood worms hanging from the ceiling almost in a sort of stasis. 
  7. A gang of other dimensional bullywog adventurers who are very lost, afraid and armed with spears, shields, poisoned arrows, short bows, and two laser pistols.They'll attack anything that moves. 
  8. 1d6 Cifals on the bidding of their alien masters, they will attack and devour anyone that they come across. 
  9. 1d6 Coffer corpses of former staff and other lost adventurers who roaming the halls hungry, dangerous and have been summoned by cultists for a rite in another wing. 
  10. Two eye killers who have been summoned by cultists from the Outer darkness but have killed their summoners. They now search for fresh prey. 
  11. 1d10 ancient cultists on their way to one of the perverted chapels on the grounds of the asylum. They move through the underground tunnels avoiding the horrors above ground. They are led by 4th level black wizard and his cleric servant.
  12. A lone Ettercap whose hunting for its family. He serves a spider cult in another wing of the place. 
  13. A gang of Gibberlings 1d10 of the things that have hatched from the bodies of adventurers on another floor. 
  14. Protein Polymorph of exceptionally large growth feasting on the corpses of adventurers.
  15. Two hook horrors who serve Nicodemous the 7th level black magicians from Azlorth whose become trapped in the Asylum but is making the most of it. 
  16. Mi Go workers who were left behind after the colony left this place. 
  17. Flay Snail cleaning the floors and corridors of bodies or loot. They feed partially on the other dimensional energies of the place. There are eight of these things who do clean up on the lower levels of this place.
  18. A family of 1d6 screaming devilkin are feasting on the corpse of an alien adventurer who ran afoul of a giant demonic spider that they keep out of the way of but steal prey from. The spider will move in for any tasty new prey. 
  19. Two shockers who are actually other dimensional adventurers caught by one of the random dimensional shifts and twisted into a creature of alien energies. 
  20. 8th level black wizard whose pissed that your adventurers have trespassed into his domain. He'll blast those who disturb him.

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