Sunday, November 22, 2015

1d6 Random Wasteland Carbuncle Finds Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

Carbuncles are mystic gems that have come from outside the veil of mankind into the wastelands. These are powerful minor artifacts that can play merry havoc with the lives and destinies of adventurers, free booters, and outlaws of the wastes. Many say that carbuncles are the eyes of the gods cast to Earth. Others claim that their weird powers are a reflect of the deaths of millions that they have absorbed in their existence. One thing is for sure men and mutant have gone to war for them, brothers have murdered for their powers, and many tribes have killed for them. Here are six reasons to avoid these dangerous horrid artifacts.

1d6 Random  Wasteland Carbuncle Finds Encounter Table

  1. This ancient and weird carbuncle has been made from the crystallized eye of the gods. It is worth a cool 70,000 gold pieces and gives the owner 'true sight' through any magical illusion. The ability to see through flesh three times per day, and minor immunity to poison. This gem has been crystallized from the inner eye of a 'god' and sometimes cries during new moons. The small crystal tears can cure minor cuts and bruises. It is entirely clear and almost flawless looking
  2. A rare yellow and greenish carbuncle that has been made  by the trapped soul of a murderer staying between worlds. This gem glows with an inner light and does 2d6 +2 points of damage in the form of a ray that can burn undead, zombies and other creatures of darkness. The gem glows red when within 30 foot radius from undead horrors. Worth about 5000 gold pieces 
  3. The Cabuncle of Gateways - This greenish red gems with flecks of bluish rock within will open 1d10 dimensional other planar gate ways within a twenty foot radius of the owner. The owner will have a 40% chance of shutting any dimensional doors within a twenty foot diameter of the owner. The gem is worth 6000 gold pieces. 
  4. This carbuncle has been formed from the fossilize soul of an ancient demon and this gem allows one to detect and cancel some of the effects of demonic powers with a 20 foot radius of the owner. The gem seems to sigh with a self satisfaction when it holds a demon or other creature of the night at bay. Worth 10000 gold pieces and is a dull self righteous yellow blush shade
  5. The carbuncle of Forbidden Knowledge - This yellow carbuncle is able to pull from within the bounds of Hell 1d4 black magic spells of first level and it will whisper secrets of ancient forbidden lore in the ears and minds of the owner. This gem three times per day can cast a protection from Law within a 30 foot radius of the owner. The gem is also greedy and dangerous. It has a 10 % chance per day of summoning a minor demonic creature  The gem is worth over 20,000 gold pieces to a black magician. 
  6. This carbuncle has three souls of trapped black magicians within it, this carbuncle is aligned with Chaos and is able to summon a dangerous swarm of deep Abyssial pests. The carbuncle can also project a ray that will cause all within a 30 foot radius to make a mutation check or suffer 1d8 minor mutations. The gem is worth 20,000 to a demonic cult or other black magick outfit. The carbuncle can be used to summon a minor demonic god with some very dangerous and horrid rites. .This carbuncle seeths with the purple colors of chaos and demonic magic

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