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1d6 Random Encounters With The Dwellers Of The Underworld Table For Your Old School Campaigns

The wastelands are filled with random dangers and often times the door into the world of the dead is always partially open especially this time of year. There are in the deeper wastelands places where the adventurers and other freebooters have encountered things of the Underworld. Here then is a quick series of six encounters that might take place. Parties of adventurers are never the same after these encounters.
Those adventurers who dwell for too long near places, entrances, and portals to the underworld risk developing 1d8 minor mutations or marks of the dead. DM's should use the appropriate matrices for these individuals. Only certain clerical orders should be immune to these effects.

1d6 Random Encounters With The Dwellers Of  The Underworld Table

  1. The Cthusotekek - Souls that have been stripped of all individuality and are now husks of pure lust and violence that clean the halls of the dead. These things act as specters but will do 3d6 +1 points of damage to anyone's flesh they encounter unless a save vs death is rolled as they by pass armor and ravage the soul stuff of their victims. Clerics can turn them but its not easy as they react as ghouls and gather at mass graves. They're spectral claws and pads leak acidic ectoplasm that cleans the soul stuff of the dead.  
  2. Ol'leg are the animated body parts of those blown apart while moving across the world to their final rewards. The body parts long for the soul stuff of the living and can become attached to the auras of the living accidentally. Ghouls, ghasts and other undead are attracted to the spiritual scent of these things  and a pack of 1d4 of the horrors may become attracted to the unfortunate that has picked up these astral parasites. A simple ancient Greek cantrips can remove them but it is almost forgotten accept to certain ancient scribes. 1d6 of the ghostly horrors might be easily encountered. 
  3. Yiqulephaq are faceless wailers who appear as mourners in ancient graveyards and ruins, they turn and face their target which must save vs wands or be struck deaf and dumb from staring into the face of their own reflected end of existence in the face of these horrors. Their prey is unable to cry out a pack of 1d6 ghostly horrors will move in for the kill stripping flesh and bone from their prey. They act as ghasts with the power of ghosts from OD&D. 
  4. Ugotartugan or Bat Faced Ghouls hunt the underworld for morsels of flesh and bone, acting as proto demonic servants for black wizards pleaded to Hades. These things are blind and hunt by echo location and a radar sense. They have incredibly sharp teeth and will bleed out their prey greedily feeding on the blood of their victims. The marrow is next and finally the bones until nothing as left. They move and have the abilities of ghasts, hags hate these things. They feed on larva with impunity though. 
  5. Llh'naosha are rabid ghosts of perverted strength. They seek out the violent and psychopathic in the wastelands and packs of them rip apart flesh and bone for 2d6 +1 points of damage from their filthy ectoplasmic claws. 
  6. Zoru-oameg are spirits of predatory hate and greed, they seek out and kill trespassers in the ruins & graveyards. They create incredible ectoplasmic displays of death lights and colour that will destroy the souls and minds of their pray. They then feed on the souls of their victims, those caught by them age 1d20 years as they're lives ebb and are sucked draw from their bodies. Hags often have a pack of 1d20 spirits of these around their alien dwelling places.

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