Tuesday, October 13, 2015

1d6 Random Ancient Lovecraftian Amphoras Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

Deep in the sands there are ancient vessels of incredibly potent magicks, relics and remains of other ages. This things lay in the sands of Accursed Atlantis waiting for some fool to uncover them. They deal out their misery to anyone who finds these 'things'. There are several types but all of them are stopped up with a wax Atlantian seal of the 'Great Warding and Works' triple pentacle design. Few know of this warning and often think that they hear something valuable inside such as the tinkle of gems, the ring of gold coins, or something valuable. Once the plug has been removed a vile smelling bluish green smoke will pour fourth and the Lovecraftian demonic forms will pour forth. These things will conform to your favorite retroclone rules for swarms but there is a 20% chance that after encountering one of these vile demonic horrors that a PC might contract a nasty and dangerous disease unless the appropriate saving throws are made or expensive clerical magicks are used.

These  amphoras often look very valuable and expensively created made out of the finest porcelain or high quality products only those well versed in the vile means of cults and horrors of the wastelands have a 20% chance of seeing through the veil of demonic illusion and temptation of these artifacts. Some cults have been known to use these things as primitive siege weapons hurling them upon their enemies.

1d6 Random Anicent Lovecraftian Amphoras Encounter Table

  1. Nachag-phog The Multi Mouthed Horrors - This horde of mutiple demonic horrors can strip a man to the bone in seconds. A collection of demonic mouths lines the bodies of these insect like horrors that sing the praises of their demonic masters as they chew on the flesh of their victims with razor sharp micro teeth doing 1 point of damage each pass. These horrors often stay around a man for 20 or 30 rounds taking bites and passes as they see fit. They're presence causes confusion as per the spell from the insane rhetoric of these horrors. 
  2. Uanehaillat The Plastic Ones - These horrors coat their targets in sticky and hot clear demonic plastic material. These horrors do 1d4 points per round from the nasty material that coats their bodies as they fly at incredible speed around their targets. They have a purple and gold coloured bodies with eyes and tendrils on their backs. 
  3. Kenotlhugu The Hungry Ones - This swarm of semi demonic horrors has been created from the violent remains of murderers souls. They thirst for the liquids of the human bodies and attack by a level drain from their targets which also sucks 1d6 points of damage of liquid from their victims bodies per round. These things resemble thing large eyed humanoid things that are lean, thirsty, and very, very dangerous. 
  4. Dauborabbos The Winged Fiends - These horrors fly at break neck speed around their targets and use a combination of magick and light to disorient their targets. These horrors cut their victims for 1d4 point of damage per round and suck the blood of their victims even as they star to bleed out. These horrors have a love for gold and often take small amounts back to their nests along with one or two victims heads. They lay their eggs in their victims eyes and mouths as they eat the pickled brain material. 
  5. Zsighudd The Ghostly Ones - These living curtains of micro demonic insects masquerades as ghosts and other undead to haunt lonely places for the spirits of the dead. These horrors feed on both the living and the dead in equal measure. They feed on the tongues and brains of their victims to increase their own hive mind intelligence. They also feed on the spirits of the dead harrowing them before their final rewards. They love to set up small gems in patterns to lure in adventurers for the kill For all intends and purposes they love to pass themselves off as completely harmless ghosts while the look for potential prey.
  6. Uaelotubog this is a semi plant thing that lives with the peoples of the swamps. The
    Uaelotubog uses illusion and trickery as bait for adventurers and can create 1d6 minor illusions per day. These things use a minor blast of magickal chaos to disorient their victims and strip the flesh from the corpses of their victims. The Uaelotubog uses several minor demonic abilities to appear to be twice the size of the swarm then it actually is. They use a combination of vampire like  bite and lesser magicks to trap their victims with weird dream worlds that they create. These horrors love to feast on the flesh, eyes, tongue and finger tips of their victims luring these poor fools to their deaths. They attack with a vicious bite for three points of damage.

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