Wednesday, October 21, 2015

1d6 Horrific Vaults and Lairs Adventure Encounter Location Table For Your Old School Campaigns

There are horrors in the wastelands just waiting to bring the misery and horror of the underworld upon the unsuspecting lands above. Places that call to adventurers and fools to explore and try to exploit but these places are store houses of not only riches but legacies of corruption and horror. Here then are 1d6 vaults waiting to snare the unsuspecting and foolish into their midst.

1d6 Horrific Vaults and Lairs Adventure Encounter Location Table

  1. The vaults of Cavarurcagin - Once the burial place of a mighty lich emperor of an evil reputation this vault has become the gathering for a particularly evil cult of Cthulhu and the old ones. The place sports ancient relic weapons systems still in operation and a vast labyrinth of tunnels and ornate underground structures. Rumors of treasure abound. 
  2. Fanchazgoro's Spiral - This ancient weird underground location was once the home for an order of undead knights of a most evil disposition and there are rumors of their return from the Underworld. The place has attracted many undead horrors and even a minor cult of necromancers. There are rumors of a planetary weapon of destruction that these knights were guarding.
  3. Gwelingb's Lair - This twisted cave system served as the lair of the Old One Gwelingb and the hide out for a gang of thieves and cut throats who acted as the god's cult. Sacrifices were stripped, looted, and dumped into the lair of Gwelingb. But the loot was never recovered! Now rumors of the cult's return have surfaced and there have been disappearances in the night. 
  4. Vantha's Hide Away - This place was once the home to an elemental demon cult that sought to bring the power of their god to the wastes by using high tech dimensional gates. They instead became the prey and their god waits and watches guarding a haul of high tech gadgets and relics. But its demons have been breeding and murdering in the night. 
  5. Ugororobendro The Undying - This is not an actual cave system but the lower intestinal tract of a demon god. When the Earth was young this lord of Hell fell and his body decayed now only this section of living bio planar flesh remains and it has spawned horrid servants to spread its corruption across the land. Treasures and relics have been gathered by the cult to fund its evil and horror 
  6. Shiniang The Ancient Place - Caught between dimensions these vaults hold an entire alien city and its undead horrors waiting to spread their evil in the world. Treasures, relics, and demons remain to guard the place's evil and horror! The vaults here hold countless ancient horrors from beyond the grave!

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