Sunday, October 4, 2015

1d6 Random Astonishing Temple Ruins and Lairs Table For Your Old School Campaigns

The gods deserted the wastelands of Accursed Atlantis leaving behind their illegitimate progeny, the small gods, monsters, and horrors to take their place in most corners of the wastes. Vast temple complexes and other wreckage was left behind the infrastructures of their cults and religions. Many of these places are still protected by the mad and insane bound spirits and demons who still away the return of their masters. Many times these horrors have become demons; having slid so far down on the supernatural ladder of spirits and gods till they are nothing more then predators feeding on the souls of the living and dead alike. Here then are 1d6 random temples and homages to gods who no longer remember who they are. These places have become the lairs for monsters or worse.

1d6 Random Astonishing Temple Ruins and Lairs Table

  1. P'rnoithihath's Pile, this place was made in the Thirteenth century and abandoned after the fall of  its gods. The pile boasts seven underground bunkers abandoned after its gods ascended. There are supposedly two level of relics and artifacts,monsters spawned by the break down of the god's corpse 
  2. Yi'igakeggyi is an giant alien tree with which the temple of the South Sun has made its lair in. The whole place is rigged in a giant biomechanical engine and mechanism that regulates the super science running this place. Giant wood elementals guard the secrets of the four levels of this complex and there are rumors of a life stealing wizard inhabiting the lower levels. There have been four moderate level relics to come out of this place in the preceding weeks. 
  3. Dhaolaoth's Cemetery was the gathering place for a group of alien necromatic gods, this made the property undesirable but they left behind rich plundering and relics from their conquests. The locals think that anything coming from here is said to taboo and cursed. Yet there have been several tunnels below ground that house the necrcomatic guards and their treasures. 
  4. Hubholephoar's tower is a three story tower of undead demonic horror made flesh with twisted bone and living tissue frame works. This place is home to nine demons with agendas and bound to this place forming the backbone for the eight thousand year old treasure house said to be cursed. 
  5. Ullo-hat is the tomb prison for an fallen angel slain by a sacred blade. The inside of the tomb is covered with the nine million names of the families in Hell. There are also several sacred treasures scattered within the confines of the temple to tempt adventurers to enter this place and become prey animals for the masters of the tomb. 
  6. Kelegha-rla's Folly is a place of dead dreams and lost hopes, the gods shed their mortal seamings then ascended onto high. There are treasures left behind here but they are guarded by the semi divine horrors that lurk in the shadows of this place. There are six underground levels and a bunker to provide the party with complex places to explore. Manticores frequently patrol the wastelands around this wastelands.

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