Thursday, October 22, 2015

1d6 Random Adventurer's Corpses Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

Parties of adventurers and freebooters often times come across the bodies of those beings  who have come to adventure sites and ruins before them. These individuals sometimes do not succeed in leaving the sites or ruins of adventures. They sometimes die where they stand and leave behind corpses just waiting to be found by some fool or adventurer. These corpses often have their own agendas still in play even days, months, or years later. Murder, acts of violence, death by misadventure, and much more provide the finders of these corpses with a road map to the lives and deaths of these people. Many times these corpses provide a lead to trouble and further adventures!
Here are 1d6 reasons to get your own adventurers into trouble and woven into the lives of those who have come before them.

1d6 Random Adventurer's Corpses Encounter Table

  1. This space warrior died by the sting of some unknown horror, the acidic pus sack is still in the corpse's neck pumping the last of its venom onto the rotting meat. The acidic poison will do 3d6 +2 points of damage to any exposed flesh. The adventurer has a slightly enlarged bump on the back of his neck this is actually a hidden cyber vault containing several maps of the region, a small cache of jewels and the number of a local safe cracker. 
  2. This bloated and steaming corpse is actually being devoured by green slime. Anyone approaching the corpse has a 30% chance of slipping on the stuff and the damage that results will be very dangerous. There is a ring of teleportation in the corpse's left pocket. 
  3. This adventurer has his face swollen to three times its size and its infected with rot grubs. These things will jump seven, maybe within a ten foot radius around the corpse. Near by is his magic rapier, minor magic +1 dagger its name means spleen hunter. 
  4. This person's body has been turned into a blackened shape on the ground. 1d6 demons are hovering around nearby trying to catch the soul of the body. A magic ring actually houses this person's soul and this is why the demons can't find it. A small ring of great value holds the ability store stouls. The corpses holds no real secrets. 
  5. This adventurer's corpse has two dueling pistols by his side but his cloths have been ripped from the inside out. The body has 1d6 alien parasites within it and a minor god watching over it. 
  6. This adventurer has had his face ripped off and his ears stolen. There is a nearby devil worshiping cult and they are on the look out for this corpse. This adventurer stole several keys to the demon's lair and a map of the place. Anyone with information on the whereabouts  of this corpse might want to not disturb it. A demon has been bound into the thing by another party's wizard. There are 1d4 minor artifacts or relics on the corpse.

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