Saturday, October 3, 2015

1d6 Random Former Lovecraftian Wizards Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

   There are things that used to be wizards wandering the wastelands of Accursed Atlantis that are far more dangerous then one would expect. The devices, rods, artifacts and other magical devices have taken then beyond the ken of mankind to other places and realms where no human or man should venture. Some might say that they have ascended beyond humanity while others have merely consigned these poor souls to the scrap heap of hell and the damned. One thing is for certain, anyone who meets these things had better have life, limb, and  a good blade at hand.
Often fools who cross paths with these beings are freebooters, wanderers, adventures and wasteland outlaws that have trespassed into places best left alone. Often these are powerful spirits, specters and ghosts of the damned just waiting to spring on transgressors.
1d6 Random Former Wizards Lovecraftian Encounter Table
  1. Egurobellar The Wanderer  former high wizard to the Hyperborean council of mages descended into the Outer Darkness and found his 'treasure' there. He was digested and spat back to this reality and now he must live on the souls of others. He has the abilities of a wight and the immunities of a minor demon. This thing loves to feast on the souls of mages and wizards. 
  2. Irincangongo The Mad descended into the Abyss for the soul of his lost love who was a tyrant and butcher in life. For his troubles he was rendered mindless and hopeless by the demon lord who claimed her soul. Now he is a ghost who searches aimlessly for those who might provide him with the souls he needs to get her back. He will wail and shriek and then savage the flesh of anyone he comes across. 
  3. Gorullkodru The Multiple Mage - This alien being attempted  time travel and encountered a massive being of the Outer Darkness, he was split into eight separate spirits and scattered across reality . Now this specter seeks the blood and souls of the living. He will attempt to bargain for the location of treasure while gauging the strength of a party before he attacks. Just as one undead fiend is put down another takes his place. He will try to wear down parties of adventurers before they can kill all eight of him. He knows where his former laboratory is for it contains many riches and artifacts. 
  4. Aeturithugo is a former ether wizard of the high mages of the Mountains of Thal and he was shattered  into a thousand shimmering pieces by the eye demons of Ka. His soul is now a cloud of rainbow coloured fantasy that conceals a mad minded horror that has the abilities of a minor demon and the cunning of a wizard. He will feast on blood, gore, and cut a body to bloody swath if given the chance. His tether to reality is a pure 10,000 gold piece diamond. 
  5. Fatuniathauam The Soul Sewer of Faurcav is a being of horror whose body is made from the shimmering bits of Outer Darkness and the treads of ectoplasm. He uses a silver needle and the thread of his being to sew the target into his being their by adding to himself. He is one part ghost and one part demon of the Outer Darkness. He dared to watch the birth of a demon and tried to weave its story into a quilt of power. This is the sorry state that he has reached.
  6. Hatha The Gazer - She was once the most powerful scryer in all of the kingdoms but her propensity for looking in on the romantic and sexual escapades of demons cost her her life, eyes, sanity, and soul now she wanders the wastelands as a damned soul and looking to drain all who meet her gaze of their lives. She is part ghost and succubus with the gaze attack of a Medusa. Her eyes are unstaring orbs of glass from the Outer Darkness and she knows where the treasures and relics of a thousand kings are buried. Adventurers seek her out for her knowledge and only add their souls to her master's collections.

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