Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Tekumel Sourcebook - Swords & Glory Vol. 1 From M.A.R Barker's World of Tekumel For Your Old School Campaigns Has Been Released!

I love, love, the Empire of the Petal Throne Rpg , Professor M.A.R. Barker's world of sword, sorcery, and  planetary  adventure finally has the source book it deserves. I've been waiting months for this book to see the light of day and finally its been released to Drivethrurpg.

is one for the corner stones of old school rpging for me. This is the sourcebook of the world that I've been waiting for. System agnoistic and perfectly suitable for any old school system with a ton of material to make any Empire collector and dungeon master's mouth water. The world setting of Tékumel is exposed and anointed with this book. According to the website of the foundation this book has the following features; The Tekumel Sourcebook, Swords & Glory Vol. 1, is now available in PDF, hardcover and softcover printings from DriveThruRPG.com!  This edition is a reprint of the original Gamescience edition, with the following changes and additions:
  • The original full-color box cover art has been reproduced on the cover, instead of the blue single-color cover
  • Notes about the Gamescience and later editions have been added on the frontispiece page
  • A new index and glossary have been added
  • The original back cover art has been reproduced on the new back cover (see below)
The Foundation will be releasing the maps from the Swords & Glory, Vol. 1 boxed set in the near future, to go along with the re-release of The Tekumel Sourcebook.  The original maps from Empire of the Petal Throne may be used in conjunction with The Tekumel Sourcebook.  You may purchase the print version of the Sourcebook along with the PDF as a DriveThruRPG bundle (nb: you may need to log in to view the Sourcebook).

This is the setting source book, I've been literally waiting years for the foundation to release. According to them The Tekumel Sourcebook provides a wide-ranging survey of the World of Tekumel, specifically the Five Empires and surrounding lands as of 2358 A.S. - history, geography, customs, architecture, religion, magic, languages and much, much more!  An invaluable resource for players and gamemasters of Tekumel!The new printing includes an index and glossary, entirely new to this edition.  (The maps are sold separately.)
So to say I'm excited is an understatement and this is a setting book whose world for years I've been waiting for. It may be a bit of time before I can afford to get this book but it will be mine!

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