Monday, October 26, 2015

1d6 Random Mi Go Brain Cylinder Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

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The Mi Go are partially behind what's going on in Asylum Q, at one point in tonight's adventure the PC's will be encountering a few of the famous Mi Go brain cylinders. They've come across these before and the results weren't pretty. Wizards, black magicians, and others who have had their own dealings with the Mi Go often have their brains harvested. These brains are put to a wide variety of uses from powering psionic FTL drive systems  to bio computer drives and in use as cybernetic intelligence for robotic systems. Here are few of the individual brains that PC's might encounter in this handy table. Note that these brains must be connected to the speaker, sight, and hearing units for them to be effective.

1d6 Random Mi Go Brain Cylinder Encounter Table

  1. The brain of Razu'rutha a 8th level serpent man black magician from Valusia whose terribly violent tendencies on his subjects and specimens were traded with the Mi Go. They took his brain for his troubles. He will summon a minor demon to carry out his bidding to find a new receptacle for his evil essence. Namely one of the PC's or a nearby NPC because after all this time he's not choosy. 
  2. Ve'rei The Elder Thing a hated enemy of the Mi Go and 6th level cleric of Shub-Niggurath. He will try to summon 1d4 of his brother things to take him back to the colony. They will attack anything present with bio energy weapons. 
  3. Bree Great Race Mind - Bree is a mad being because part of his brain has been used as a Mi Go instrument. He is aware of this and in constant phantom pain from the experience. This being is a black magician of the darkest strip by human standards and will summon 1d6 robotic Mi Go drones to attack anyone present. He will then take any injured to a near by medical lab for a brain transplant. He's tried this four times before but the Mi Go are aware of his diabolical plans. They find it amusing. 
  4. The Thing From Venus - This being loathes everything and everyone equally, it wishes to destroy itself. A sixth level wizard of Nyarlathotep who will not let it die, this thing will try to gate in a minor demon to destroy the entire facility. 
  5. Rick Silus is a member of the Brotherhood of the Yellow Sign and a sixth level thief, they have copied his mind and cloned a new agent of Rick to try to infiltrate the brotherhood but their plans came to naught. They are keeping Rick's brain alive to torture it some more for his knowledge and plans by running his mind through simulated realities of his life. Rick is almost at the point of madness and begs to be destoryed but he does have knowledge of the inner workings of his cell of the brotherhood. 
  6. Bruith'a interstellar bounty hunter and slaver uses magic to hunt down the scum of the universe. An eighth level wizard with ties to the Starry Wisdom cult on Earth. He crossed the Mi Go and became a brain in a jar but his alien mind has resisted their tortures so far. He will contact a dimensional wanderer, a dangerous half demonic insectoid Lovecraftian race that will appear in 1d4 rounds to take his brain to a specially prepared medical station 1d6 light years away and gain a new body. Then he will return to wreck vengeance on the Mi Go. He will destroy anyone who gets in his way.

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