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1d6 Random Encounters With The Trolls of Pappa La Zo Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaign

The bio creation matrix of the elder things inspired by the artwork of Virgil Finlay
 He's had many monikers and alias over the centuries but the crime lord La Zo came to Accursed Atlantis on the black winds from the Outer Darkness. A seventh level thief and eighth level alchemist with a level or three in super scientist , Pappa has had many schemes and nefarious plans in the wastelands of the deep wastes then anyone suspects. He's a crime lord without mercy or morals and the head of over forty different thieves and freebooter organizations. His rules these organizations with six of the most dangerous creations you'll ever run across of the bio fungoid trolls of La Zo. Pappa has his lair in a hidden mountain dwelling where he it is rumored found an Elder Thing bio lab. Here the mad and mutated vile villain grew the original horrors from spores and he was able to isolate the life material of these monsters. Now he leases his army of troll creations to the various guilds and clandestine organizations. Should they not cooperate Pappa simply has his creations obliterate any present and execute all witnesses. Of course those rumors of his horrors mutating and budding off are strictly that simply rumors. Just because certain mutated strains of troll looking like Pappa's have been found in ruins and dungeons in the waste. Those are simply vicious lies created by the competition.

Pappa's trolls have all of the standard abilities but where most trolls have a low intelligence; Pappa's boys as he calls them are average but display an animal like cunning and horrid tendency to hold a grudge. Sometimes for years and they have long memories. They hate, hate being killed as well. All cloned troll warriors share a telepathic link enabling them to have a sort of racial collective store of memories and these beings often pull on their collective knowledge for tactics, strategy and murder. They can be greedy unpredictable and very, very dangerous. They also have 'special' talents.

1d6 Random Encounters With The Trolls of Pappa La Zo Encounter Table
  1. Baluldobarchag The Ravager - This troll has an incredibly evil and jovial outlook and its skin is incredibly hard. He or rather it has the ability to shape shift into any shape within the volume of its nine foot tall, five hundred pound frame three times per day. It uses this power for assassinations and for surprising its enemies. Baluldobarchag has a taste for human and near human flesh of an extreme type and often indulgences in its 'bad habit' as it calls it with some regularity. It also likes to steal earrings and pretty jewelry as trophies to its murders. 
  2. Melandeg The Invisible One - If trolls had large vocabularies and never shut up this being would be it. A virtual motor mouth, this being often uses its ability to go invisible three times per day to raid book stores, wizard's libraries, government offices and palaces. Melandeg is a spy, murderer, and poisoner indulging in all manner of foul play. Melandeg can also three times per day become intangible as a ghost allowing the giant monster to pass through walls and practicing  in its habit of gathering intelligence and secrets. It claims to like to be in the 'know'. The beast is dangerous, intelligent, and highly educated in a twisted and chaotic fashion. 
  3. Ulauror The Mist - A troll whose specialty is controlling certain elemental forces, Ulauror fancies himself a planner and strategist of the gang. He has weird blue green skin and the ability to  3/day—levitate (self plus 2,000 pounds), obscuring mist; 1/day—fog cloud as per the spells. He uses these abilities to cover his tracks of both himself and his compatriots. Ulauror is a born kleptomaniac and uses his abilities to steal anyone blind, the troll is a 4th level thief and is often seen moonlighting for the various thieves guilds as a second story man used for difficult targets. He also loves the sight of other people's blood. 
  4.  Grgothangba is able to bend stretch and is almost indestructible except to water. This troll will melt down into an elemental puddle of ooze and has the abilities of an ooze and often sneaks into place to murder and cause mayhem among rival gangs and thieving guilds. Grgothangba loves to play pranks on its fellows causing papa to send the creature on long range assignments. Grgothangba is a skilled scout but loves its 'family' and will seek revenge for the slightest insult or joke against the other trolls. They often have fun at the creature's expense by pouring buckets of water over the creature's head causing its abilities to activate. 
  5. Miriakalazgor The Smart One - A troll with a near genius IQ and the ability to hypnotize a target at sixty feet as a vampire. This troll is a born stalker and tracker often picking a target to terrorize, hassle, and bring to the edge of madness. The troll only murders its victim after carefully planning and savoring its target's misery then moving in to finish the victim off. This troll is a careful hit man and con artist of the gang using its abilities to single out targets and then using careful schemes to take down dangerous foes. This troll can shape shift into a man sized target once a week but it must carefully study its target over the course of three days of observation. Miriakalazgor is a rabid chess player and gambler through proxies. 
  6. Ungornim The Evil - This troll has made a pact with a demonic patron and has the ability to command and rebuke undead as a 6th-level cleric three times per day, malign aura that causes enemies within 10 feet of him to take a -2 penalty on all saving throws once per day, and cause darkness three times per day. Ungornim is  fanatical, dangerous, & unpredictable to his enemies. Ungornim The Evil is used as a strong arm enforcer for the various gangs. It also has a petty and cruel streak about its evil and it enjoys torturing and tormenting its victims. It also loves gold and relics; it often shakes marks down for their valuables.

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