Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Brothers of the Crimson Cross For Your Old School Campaigns

The Brothers of The Crimson Cross were a group of vigilante white supremacists out along the border territories back in the 1860's which still operates out in the wastelands of the Texas/Mexican territories or as their commonly known the Terror. The Brothers of the Crimson Cross are now a well funded secret society which has moved into not only white supremacy but also anti mutant activities. They are as vile a group as villains go and have activities in human trafficking, slavery, and a host of other activities including prostitution, drug & weapons smuggling as well as a tight relationship with Nazi.

After the events of Crimson Day the brotherhood became even more dangerous, taking their brand of fanatical hatred to new highest within 'Merica. No mutant or deviant as they put it was safe and wild bands of their operatives on horse back took many innocents to their graves. They often operate in teams of 1d8 brothers with a 3rd level or better fighter as their leader. Another thing that distinguishes the Brothers of the Crimson Cross is how well armed their operatives are. Bands of warriors will often be armed with flame lances for 3d6 +3 points of damage with a range of 40 yards. These frightening weapons are deployed with teams of machine gun toting thugs as well. They often employ blind or choke grenades to cover their activities, targets must save vs poison be affected by clouds of vomit inducing gas that make all skill checks at a -3 or - 4 depending upon concentration. This tactic is used to deter magick or spells as murder or hit teams are lead by a 3rd level cleric or better. The brothers wear combination gas masks and filtration suits to cover their activities so they can operate with impunity. Teams are often armed with M1 rifles or better weapons from brothers weapons depots scattered throughout the West.
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For more difficult or dangerous pulp adventurer or mutant targets the Brothers of the Crimson Cross will employ heavy machine guns or even energy weapons should the need arise. The brothers operate in secret and have a long history of violence,depravity, and murder in their history. Local chapters are lead by a 7th level cleric whose inner circles are dedicated to gods or patrons of violence and murder of the most horrid types. Communities pray for mercenaries, freebooters, and adventurers to free them from the yoke of the Brothers of the Crimson Cross.

The Brothers of The Crimson Cross will often employ grand wizards (6th level or higher) as the heads of state chapters. These will meet twice monthly with the grand master of the order and decide the fate of the organization and its course of activity for the next sixth months at a time. Murder, black mail, and poisoning has been employed by the inner circles of the brothers for better pay, position, and a greater share of the criminal pie for centuries.

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