Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Five Cultclassic Movies As Inspiration A DCC Crawling Under A Broken Moon/ Crimson Dragon Slayer Rpg Mash up Campaign

I'm possibly looking into a mixed game of Crimson Dragon Slayer and Crawling Under A Broken Moon DCC game coming up. To this end I've been looking into some classic grade 'Z' films. Full disclosure I used to work in a video rental store back in the 90's. Not one of those new shiny Blockbuster places but a low rent place in a back alley in Boston at the edge of Chinatown. First up is an old favorite and really this one makes a pitch perfect addition to a DCC post apocalyptic game set against the demons and old school weirdness of both of these games.
Terrorvision from 1986 has all of the elements of the early Eighties, you've got cable television, heavy metal heads, dysfunctional families, firearms, and alien lifeforms.

Next up is Cyborg with Jean-Claude Van Damme, imagine if, 'The Kickboxer" ,"Mad Max" and the first  Highlander movie got together and had a baby in the post apocalyptic wasteland? Cyborg might just be the result. Many of the locations, weird elements, cheesy special effects, and other bits could be recycled into your favorite bits of a post apocalyptic mission for a party of adventurers.

So what happens if in the wasteland not only are your adventurers the only ones coming across weird stuff but there are other time travelers and dimensional wanderers? Zone Troopers 1985 might just be the result of such an encounter between WWII Allied and Nazi forces as well as your own adventurers!

Hands of Steel from 1986 has everything you might want in a near future quasi post apocalyptic Tex Mex cyborg Eighties awesomeness including John Saxon. This film has great potential as adventure fodder including Eighties tech, lots of action and the potential for cybernetic horror in the wastelands of your favorite games!Its a movie  about a cyborg who is programmed to kill a scientist who holds the fate of mankind in his hands. Starring Daniel Greene, directed by Sergio Martino. That's mostly the entire film in one take, the locations, the action and the entire package can easily be slipped right into the backdoor of Crimson Dragon Slayer; it just has that vibe to it.

The final offering in this cultclassic list is 'The Vindicator', I couldn't find a trailer for it but basically a cybernetic warrior is created by a government think tank in 1986 after one of the scientists gets caught in an industrial accident. Think about some warlord in a city state with such a program simply using the resources he has on hand and one of his cybernetic troopers running amok and you've got a perfect set up for the style of game that we're talking about here.

Vindicator might offer PC's a look into the dangerous and highly dubious world of warlord's laboratories on Thule in the worlds of Crimson Dragon Slayer. Or the wastelands of your favorite post apocalyptic settings such as 'Merica.

Essential Material For Putting Together
A Crimson Dragon Slayer & Crawling Under A Broken Moon DCC game

The one issue that is going to come in really handy for this sort of a campaign is going to be the Crimson Dragon Slayer Rule book and Crawling Under A Broken Moon fanzine issue #7 contains the Cyborg PC class and there's enough meat on the bones of this issue to put together a kick ass adventure from there. Your also going to need the DCC rule book for the funky rules and rolls that come with this sort of a campaign. Lots of outside the box situations always seen to arise in post apocalyptic campaigns and the more elements you add in the more weirdness can happen. But then again that is part of the idea with this sort of a wasteland campaign. Don't be afraid to go gonzo and in point of fact part of the fun is to embrace that aesthetic and own it during your gaming. Zombies are another often seen parts of these adventure campaigns but seldom talked about. Odd mixes of PC types are going to happen and given the set up your going to see very,very,weird mixes of parties of adventurers.

The real issue here is to use the juxtaposition of the world of the Eighties and the post apocalyptic goodness of these two games. Much of the Eighties nostalgia strangeness that these two games pull from fits the movie fodder quite well. But there's lots of potential for a dungeon master to veer off into their own direction by taking their ques from these movies. More to come as it develops.

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