Tuesday, October 6, 2015

1d6 Random Horrid Black Wizard's Former Lairs Table For Your Old School Campaigns

There are places which are pest holds on the face of reality; places where the rites and sacraments of blackest evil have been performed slamming into the barriers and thresholds between worlds. These are places were no man or human should tread. These are places where the corruption and horror still lingers and adventurers are drawn to these places as moths to the flames of rumors of relics, treasures undreamed of in the wastelands. 1d6 former black wizard's lairs to bedevil and harry as well as destroy your adventurers.

1d6 Random Horrid Black Wizard's Former Lairs

  1. Falaurncaetu's Palace of Black Miracles - A former fairground taken from the beginning of 1900 by the wizard Falaurncaetu where he tortured the greatest minds from history itself. The place reeks of ancient decay and horror; there are still 1d6 ghosts ghosts from beyond history ready to strip the flesh and souls from any who come here. And they come here because of the fabulous treasures and the rumors of time travel technology. But all they get is horror and depravity for their troubles. 
  2. Kauriauatula's Lair no more really then a twisting set of caverns that shrieks with the damn souls that the wizard Kauriauatula used to power his machinery of death and sorcery to rip the knowledge of devices of the ancients from the minds and souls of his victims. There will be 1d8 ancient zombies sporting all kinds of horrific mutations at least 1d4 of them. There is supposedly gold and jewels hidden in several of the caverns; at least a king's ransom.
  3. Aetunatua's Mechanisms  A set of house sized machines summoned from the worlds of the Mi Go that Aetunatua tried to use to bring in the Old Gods. He seized twelve sacred virgins from the temples and strapped them to his machines as sacrifices to the gods. They were not amused and drain him instead. Rumors of the gold he used to power these mechanisms still swirl about these alien mechanisms. Only 1d8 Mi Go have been found using the site to hunt for adventurers. 
  4. Vangllintulath House of Veils - This house of ill repute was the site of a legendary series of ritual murders for an unknown entity. Vangllintulath the black wizard was levitated and torn apart for his troubles by the very force he was trying to summon. The property was bought by another wizard and it is now used as a house of ill repute for all comers. What no one realizes is that below the property the lich head of Vangllintulath has been connected to a bio-etheric battery. His treasure which keeps growing due to the trophies he takes with his restitched together zombie body and his 1d8 undead minions keeps growing due to his continuing clandestine murders has been happening in the city. But there are of course rumors but who believes those. 
  5. The Blasted Plain of Trow - This desert place of blasted green grey glass holds the souls of the people of Trow whom the wizard Ungorthi committed to his demonic god master as a sacrifice when he detonated himself committing suicide. Trow was a rich region and from time to time all kinds of artifacts and other relics surface in the market places. But where are they coming from there are rumors of massive underground levels of the wizards lab and the horrors that are found there. The locals call this area taboo but when has this stopped adventurers? 
  6. Fatuguingimeth's Folly - This strangely twisted tower of other dimensional aspect draws lookers and fools alike but not all come back. There is an other dimensional shadow of this place that leads to vistas of insanity and horror. Those that do come back do so 'changed' or seeking the life force of others. Still the rumors of forbidden knowledge and Fatuguingimeth's cursed gold keep them coming to the tower. 1d6 Ju Ju zombies twisted and mutated sometimes emerge from the shadows to take sacrifices to the Other Gods.

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