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1d6 Random Lovecraftian Grave Slurry Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

There are things waiting in tombs, horrors beyond the ken of men that few have seen and fewer have survived against. There are reasons that mad men and wizard's tombs and sacred graveyards alone.
Those who play with dead things and raid wizard's tombs are in for horrors that they least expect.

Sometimes wizards & men of knowledge, power, and magickal influence sometimes go too far into things men weren't meant to know' and daily with the powers of the Outer Darkness. Sometimes they make deals & pacts with demons that turn sour as well as bitter with the powers of Hell. In Accursed Atlantis these fools are reduced to their ,most based existence and yet hold on to the mockery of life we call undeath. Adventurers, freebooters and fools who dally in the tombs of madmen, wizards, and men of so called forbidden knowledge sometimes come across the wretched horrors of undeath known as simply the 'Slurry.'
Slurry is often feasted upon by certain ghoul types and greatly prized by them. Wizards of a most horrid aspect value the stuff and use it in certain potions to try and divine the near future hours of death.

“There are horrors beyond life's edge that we do not suspect, and once in a while man's evil prying calls them just within our range.”
― H.P. Lovecraft,
The Thing on the Doorstep
Grave slurry often forms from within the corpse of the wizard and bursts forth clinging to walls, floors, and other structures. Some of this material will have amulets, jewelry, and other bits of the corpse even as it feeds off the wizard's remaining magick and leeches the life from the very air. Here then are 1d6 grave slurries to bedevil your adventurers with.

Slurry colonies hate clerics and priests instinctively because of their unholy and unbidden natures. They attack wizards with a blinding fury of predatory hatred out of both spite and an alien instinct. Sometimes these evil and twisted things can be turned as least undead. Many colonies only have 1 to 3 hit points but regenerate as  alien fungus do. These horrors have spread because many assassin guilds have sought out colonies of grave slurries and sold them as tools of assassination and to use as guardians for treasure. Minor or low level wizards are sometimes sacrificed in order to safeguard important relics or artifacts.
1d6 Random Grave Slurry  Encounter Table

  1. Hameggggu's Blessings - This foul horror seems to move of its own accord and sways to a non existent wind from else where. This unearthly coloured stuff moves and undulates across the tomb's surface. It will suddenly come to life and fling an odd peusopod at its victim and hit it with an acidic touch that does 1d4 points of damage per round where it falls as it converts flesh to its own bulk. Should it be attacked with magick there is a 30% chance of a spell being reflected back on its caster. The stuff attacks wizards first out of sheer instinct. 
  2. Ngygnyog's Growth - This stuff is named after the wizard who discovered it and became its victim. The stuff projects false illusions of itself  3 feet to the left of its actual position and creates a weird hypnotic pattern across its surface that acts as hold person spell unless a successful save vs wands is made. The life form dissolves flesh at a rate of 2 damage points per round buts really feared for its ability to absorb the soul of its victims who live on in a a fungal limbo of collective intelligence hell. Wizards often set this stuff as a trap and have forbidden rites to call upon the horrid knowledge that these things absorb. 
  3. Zhomachursha's Love - This slurry has the ability to charm its victims with an onslaught of pheromones and spores which it can shoot up to fifteen feet. This horrid combination acts as a charm spell and incubation medium. The slurry is a perfect telepathic reflector and draws out memories, dreams, etc that create a false illusion of past lovers or imaginary ones. The target will be so in love with these things that they will wish to become a part of this horror. There are forbidden legends of wizards offering themselves to these horrors to achieve a twisted sort of immortality as this combination of slurry and fungus creates a web of collective memory for itself. While not true intelligence this alien horror is able to cast certain forbidden spells as it cries out praises to alien god masters and demonic patrons who smile and cast favor upon this horror. 
  4. Zologtlac or Azathoth's Snot - This slurry is one of the rare of the horrors and is rimed with a magickal radioactive slime with the remains of a fungal growth similar to a twisted human brain. Anyone coming within twenty feet of the thing must save vs poison or take 1d6 points of damage per round as the horror glows with an inner light of horror and sanity shattering weirdness. The stuff retains the abilities of a 1st level black wizard and acts only when its haunted rest is disturbed. Twenty percent of the time the slurry monster is active on the astral plane where it hunts down and devours the souls of lesser beings and minor astral parasites. Zologtlac loves to devour the souls and brains of wizards as well as minor low level paladins. 
  5. Phagh-orhaqu The Unbidden Horrors - This slurry is made from the concentrated essence and corpse of a lordly wizard and his sacrificed house hold staff who are buried with him. A horrid rite of forbidden necromancy and high sorcery is performed instantly starting the growth process of the slurry. This weird growth sprouts from the heart of the wizard's corpse and quickly covers the entire scene in its spores. The bodies of its victims liquidfy in a putrid horror and the whole mass is absorbed back into itself. The Phagh-orhaqu forms necro fungal sphere from itself and these quickly act as sentient moving around the colony's area of influence. They move at a rate of ten feet per round and have an armor class of 7 and two hit points. They levitate using magic and have eye spots across the green glowing orange surface of the monster. Once per round they may create a blast of eye searing eldritch energy that does 2d6 +1 points of damage to their targets. They enjoy blasting apart victims and then capturing their souls to feast on. Victims corpses are incorporated into the slurry and the cycle continues. 
  6. Otabo-chas The Immortal Death - This green black slurry gives of vast traces of negative planar energy and traces its origins to the Outer Darkness where it grows in vast patches on the skin and half dead corpses of demon gods trapped there. The stuff is considered mostly dangerous on the plane Prime because it comes into full bloom on the corpses of wizards and wise men. The stuff feeds on magickal energies and forms temporary shapes and blasphemous parodies of Earthly life. The stuff saps the will and mind of anyone near it for 1 point of wisdom and intelligence per round creating for itself a pseudo intelligence.And leaving the victim an alive but drooling idiot.  The stuff then takes on the characteristics temporarily of the wizard on whose corpses it has colonized. The stuff forms a temporary body and will feast on the souls of its victims and seek more to offer as a sacrifices to its demonic and Lovcraftian masters in exchange for even more of an extension on its own twisted existence.

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