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1d6 Random Horrific Wizards Towers & Ruins Encounters Table For Your Old School Campaigns

There are places in the wastelands you really shouldn't go;places where sorcerers,wizards, and madmen have called down the powers of the Outer Darkness. There those ruined places where the forces of  Hell itself have come down and touched our reality and now our home dimensions weep. The space time continuum has holes within it it as a leprous skin of rot from a beggar. Nothing can heal these places and adventurers and outlaws are drawn to them as moths are drawn to a flame. Talk of treasures and relics drawn them in year after year to their deaths or worse. They exist in Accursed Atlantis both their shadows are cast in other places and times as well. Here then are six such locations that you can provide your adventurers with horror and depravity in spades.

1d6 Random Horrific Wizards Towers & Ruins Encounters Table

  1. Chathulothar's lair this place once played host to a wizard whom it is rumored brought down a succubus from the Outer Darkness for the most depraved night of pleasure and wisdom he could imagine. His screams are still said to echo in the night and the mud bricks of this ruined tower dance with his weird shadows. There is gold aplenty here as well for he used 200000 gold pieces to construct a lure of depravity for Ru'sthotathak The Lustful. For though gold pieces are found here from time to time by the locals; they consider it taboo and cursed. There have been seen ghostly lights near this tower and the locals whisper about a demon cult that worships nearby guarding the place. Rumors you understand. 
  2. Zathogh Pile is the former palace and tower for star gazing of the wizard Zathogh who built a lens to look into the frolicking of the Gods and track the course of the Old Ones. His mechanism is now been disassembled by the cults of Law but the gateway to the other place remains in the ruins. The locals speak of strange fairies and demons which hold sacrifices under the moon when it turns gibbous and weird. There are those who say that should you lose your shadow here; you might also lose your soul. The silver wires and gold fittings of the telescopes are still hidden in the roots and plants. 
  3. Atuskegol's Folly this once mighty wizard's tower is now a shadow after the tower and its inhabitants were taken to the Forbidden dimension of Kal. The entrance to the tower leads to the realm of ghosts and the demons which control them. They suffer in eternal torment but they are not aware that they are dead and their murders happen over and over. Some have been killed trying to stop the repeating cycle of murder. Gold, jewels, and diamonds all exist for a time before the murders. 
  4. Egthua-athu's tunnels are a seven level complex build by the demonic insect Gyo'gh and their queen after eating the soul of the wizard whose tower site they took over after being summoned. A fortune in jewels, artifacts and magick exist for the taking if your soul isn't eaten by the Gyo'gh. 
  5. Nygulabothu's Prison is a wizard's tower that has been converted into the largest soul prison on Earth. Here the damned and dying are imprisoned in eternal torment as their souls are slowly leeched off bit by bit. A fortune in relics and treasure exists because it has been stripped from the damned. They may look but never again taste the flesh and blood of life. Adventurers are lured by tales of treasure and greed only to die or worse. A pit fiend runs the place and it bares 1d8 mutations of the worst variety.
  6. Uacy-phos The Other Tower - This wizard's tower holds eighteen relics and major souls of kings. These are kept on display as wizard's ghosts attend the demons who run this place. They hunt and kill any wizards that they can. This place is now the center of a cult of demon worshiping assassins of fourth level and higher.

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