Thursday, October 22, 2015

1d6 Ancient Ruins & Lairs of Terrifying Aspect A Horror Encounter Table For Your School Campaigns

There are monsters closer then we think, things that lurk and creep in the dark shadows of our mundane reality. Everyday we pass by them unaware that these horrors from ancient times continue to fester and molder in the corners of our existence waiting to explode onto the world. These places wait for fools and freebooters to stumble upon them. Here then are six a ancient ruins and lairs with their own thumb nail sketch of these places to inflict on your adventurers.

There is a twenty five percent chance of their being some random loot or other item from some past trespasser here in these ancient places. There might also be some weird trash or debris left or dump here in the past. These sorts of ruins make excellent toxic waste catch alls and dumping ground sites.

1d6 Ancient Ruins & Lairs of Terrifying Aspect A Horror Encounter Table
  1. Asowh'u castle - This castle served as a base for a warlord and his cult of anphibian Deep One hybrids. They have long since vanished but the ancient frog god thing they served still survives deep underground with its trove of relics and undead servants. It has remained asleep for centuries but might awaken at any moment. 
  2. Enarorothmin Tumble Down - This is a massive former castle now rubble and the site of a massive battle and massacre. The murder and looting of 100 warriors has created a huge battery of supernatural energies waiting for another murder to occur to set this place off. The warriors will rise from their graves as skeleton warriors of an intelligent aspect. There is a small golden hoard here as well that the warriors were guarding. 
  3. Dugotullaiazgo's Lair - This fort was the site of a cult dedicated to a dragon thing, the locals put the whole lot to fire and flame but the lair site remains along with the relics and loot they took from a forty mile radius. Now rumors of ghosts and worse have begun to circulate among the locals. 
  4. Enarorothmin The Arranger's Fortress - This place was once the site of battles with bandits and worse. Hargl the bandit king had been possessed by an ancient demon spirit that was locked away in the vault below the fortress. The standing stones of the place made perfect foundation material but the legend of the Arranger remained and the spark of violence, bloodshed, as well as murder gave the demon the opportunity it needed. Now the place is the realm of shepherds and sheep but the demon has been gathering a new flock of its own. The silver, gold, loot, and relics still remain on the site waiting for some fool to find them. They are cursed in blood and the demonic taint of the Arranger itself. 
  5.  Drogbaliatheng folly is a tumbled down fortress and bailey that has stood for centuries. The weight of the place's past misdeeds still haunt it hundreds of years later. Ghosts, ghasts, and other minor undead gate into the place by the standing stones but no one is sure why. There have been strange lights seen on the hills surrounding the place and a rumored pot of silver around one of the standing stones but all treasure seekers have been killed. There is also a series of tunnels under the hills surrounding the place. 
  6. Hazglitu House Of The Fallen King - This place reeks of the deeds of the past when a king brought down his own kingdom for the love of a witch betraying everyone around him. She was hanged withing the courtyard and cursed the place with horror and depravity. The warriors and fighters here were turned into wights and the door into the otherworld still swings at  three am. Demons, horrors, and worse come to gather here under the swinging and dancing ghostly corpse of the witch where she holds court. Jewels,rings, treasure and relics have all been found here. But the locals fear that its cursed. Then there are rumors of the lower levels.

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