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1d6 Random Manifestations of the Prima Materia Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

Those adventurers & freebooters who stumble upon a manifestation of  Prima Materia are in the presence of the most valuable and dangerous substance in existence. Its manifestations are as rare as the ether itself for it is  the primitive formless base of all matter similar to chaos, the quintessence, or aether.
PC's who run into this material which is rare must save vs death or wish to pick it up or sacrifice themselves to it as if they were under the manifestation of a powerful charm spell. This material has dark and abiding connections to the primal forces of the over universes and will do 1d6 points of damage per round to anyone within range of it. It will manifest itself in pools of bubbling abnormal pseudo substances. Mi Go often appear to collect this material in specially prepared vessels and take it back to their hive homes for unknown great works of their own.

"the thin, monotonous piping of an unseen flute", and decides that "he had picked up that last conception from what he had read in the Necronomicon about the mindless entity Azathoth, which rules all time and space from a curiously environed black throne at the centre of Chaos"
Lovecraft, "The Dreams in the Witch House"

'That there abides in nature a certain pure matter, which, being discovered and brought by art to perfection, converts to itself proportionally all imperfect bodies that it touches'
Arnaldus de Villa Nova
1d6 Random Manfestations of the Prima Materia Encounter Table
  1. The  Mmilzs-datha is a soul melting material that comes from the deepest bowels the Outer Darkness manifesting through ancient cracks in space & time. Each place where the material touches 1d4 cosmic manifestations will appear. Spells will last for 1dx10 times the normal duration and time will lose 1d4 hours at a clip. The substance appears a bright blue green golden sanity bending material. 
  2. Yaz-phuggogo or the Goddess's tears come from the back bone of night and leak into our world through a back door in the local time space continuum. The material erodes everything it touches including reality and will break any magick or spell that it touches. It will also cause 1d6 minor mutations to all within a 30 foot radius of the stuff. 
  3. Uglogntarart or the Flexing of  Joints of Time is a greenish glowing substance that is found between the moments and seconds of time. It will age anyone or anything it touches by 1d20 years almost instantly and does 3d6 +2 points of damage to anything it touches. The stuff is liquid time waste and is radioactive on top of everything. Very dangerous material. 
  4. Z'ephabol is the manifestations of black mind stuff of forgotten gods that returns to the source. The stuff consumes souls at at rate of 2d4 +1 points of damage per round as the pseudo god souls search for a way to return to their half existence. A black shrouded horrid shape will come to unlife after consuming four souls but it will only last 3 days before falling back to primal soul material. The stuff eats through metal and flesh as a hot knife through butter. 
  5. Rlellhugnigu also known as the afterbirth of demons, this material is the after birth from a manifestation of the primal forces and bares the taint of horror on existence of it. The material will birth 1d6 minor demonic entities that the stuff will consume again. They will seek out to harm the living in anyway possible and will murder on soul to remain on this plane but can be banished with a simple spell of turning. But they may return in 1d4 days again to seek out another soul. This material is used in lower level demonic summonings and dire curses upon the living. 
  6. Ysanyarlz lubricant between the dimensional planes, this stuff contains the worst of the alien horrors locked out beyond space and time. These horrors will birth themselves upon to the world and seek out a pure soul to consume in order the manifest on this plane. Use the Summoning spell from Lamentations of the Flame Princess to generate Ysanyarlz entities, they loath priests and clerics wishing to consume the eyes of any they encounter.

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