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1d6 Lovecraftian Guardians Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

Who knows what other guardians await fools in tombs? Wizards are a cagey and dangerous lot at best and books like the Necronomicon and The Libercon Ex Exspiravit  both provide horrid black magick rites to enable horrors made from the bodies and souls of men to guard tombs forever if necessary.

 Ghoul plague, things of the night, the silent things in the graveyards and worse await fools & mortals who prowl around the tombs of the dead. In Accused Atlantis there are monsters attended by priests and other wizards of orders best not described. These things are not spoken of by adventurers and outlaws who have encountered them.
These Lovecraftian guardians are often men and women of forbidden faiths who have had their bodies, minds and souls reworked into more pleasing and sanity shattering shapes for their gods not the eyes of men. They do however do their jobs efficiently and can be vary dangerous horrors to encounter in the dark.

“I'll tell you something of the forbidden horrors she led me into - something of the age-old horrors that even now are festering in out-of-the-way corners with a few monstrous priests to keep them alive. Some people know things about the universe that nobody ought to know, and can do things that nobody ought to be able to do.”
― H.P. Lovecraft, The Thing on the Doorstep

Lovecraftian Guardians use a ghoul plague as part of the rites of their creation and so have the paralysis abilities of that undead species. Elves are immune to this unholy and disease touch. Because of their modification these things often have one to four extra attacks. They also retain the disease bite of their kin. These horrors have an other worldly aura of terror about them and can three times per day use a fear ability as per the spell. These things regenerate as trolls and because of the prorogation of assassins guilds some have paid adventurers to round up these horrors from some of the more infamous tombs and graveyards. They make excellent assassination weapons in some of the Western city states of Accursed Atlantis.

1d6 Lovecraftian Guardians Encounter Table

  1. Aiaurolurgoro The Crooked Ones - The limbs of the monster are broken and reset according to the ancient scriptures giving this horror a move of 30 feet per round and jaw is augmented with a special mechanism giving a +2 to all bite attacks. This thing has the equivalent of a spider climb spell and can move up walls and ceilings with ease. It also has a vicious tongue attack that can peirce soft metal with a bone like harpoon up to 15 feet for 2d6+2 points of damage. The thing loves to feast on the eyes and bowels of its victims. The stench of these foul things is horrid. 
  2. Moraergldr The Loveless Things - These undead horrors are created from the corpses of husbands who have crossed wizardress wives and witches. They are sewn inside out and glisten with jelly like slime that they can spit up to 20 feet an acidic bile for 2d6+2 points of damage. These monsters love to play 'peeping tom' with neighbors and others seeking out wizards and the like to serve even as they guard their charges. 
  3. Ilugrun are the rendered and shrunk down four foot horrors which have a wicked set of claws. These things wear cloaks sewn from grave shrouds and the skins of their victims. They use their claws for 2d6 +3 points of damage  but even a tiny pin prick from these horror spreads a mild form of ghoul plague with a six day incubation period. Expensive magick can cure it but these things delight in fouling wells and water supplies for isolated farms. They often have 1st and 2nd levels of  black wizardry as the brains of wizards are used in their creation. 
  4. Vangororgogla The Watchers In Twilight's Gloom - These horrors have their limbs broken and reset with metal inserts and their eyes removed. Gems of forbidden facets are implanted in the sockets with the spells wizard's eye and true seeing woven into their workings. These horrors can perceive forbidden angles of reality and use these weaknesses to blink up to 20 feet in a random direction. Nervous, unpredictable, and highly dangerous these horrors attack with little provocation . These horrors can also turn invisible up to three times per day after coating their flesh with a special unearthly bile. They love to hunt wizards and stalk victims for miles; they can be very relentless and hold grudges against those who try to slay them. Sometimes working in minor family packs.
  5. Uguguraulung- These horrors are created from fat and cruel humans whom wizards cut pacts and deals. These horrors house three smaller ghoul or ghasts which burst forth from these horrors after having their corpses modified in special and dark ways. These horrors share a telepathic hive mind of three and hunt in weird ways able to smell color and perceive the hearts of men up to 30 feet in sheer darkness. Once per day one of these horrors may release a stinking acidic cloud from the bowels of the beast doing 2d6+3 points of damage; those not caught in the cloud have 10% chance of it drifting. These horrors hunger for the flesh of clergy and politicians especially. They hunt them when not guarding their charges often stalking them for years to drive them to madness before striking. 
  6. Wetharorituila The Double Faced Fiends - These broken and reset undead are created from two murders whose bodies are mutilated and mutated together. They hunt by means of a special weird echo location and strike with incredible power with four hand like claws able to rip into flesh and bone for 3d6 +2 points of damage. They then 'worry' a target as ivory like teeth rip into the victims for 1d10 +2 points of damage. These fiends have a dangerous banshee like wail that can shatter glass and ear drums for 1d6 points of damage plus deafness for 6 rounds. Those who suffer this fate must save vs wands to escape this effect. These horrors are used as assassins for remote temple heads by wizards . They love to stalk and kill temple choruses when not guarding their relics and treasure charges. Wetharorituila have a thing for human wind pipes which they collect almost on an instinctive level.

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