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1d6 Lovecraftian Artifacts, Relics, And Treasures From The Outer Darkness Table For Your Old School Campaigns

In the infinite void of space many warriors fall under the gaze of uncaring and demonic skies. They leave behind blades and artifacts of infinite destructive potential.Here are some of the artifacts that wash up on the black glass sanded edges of Accursed Atlantis from the black gulf of the Outer Darkness those who make the journey to this edge of darkness often find themselves battling minor demons and mutated horrors. These are often actually other adventurers who have mutated by the strange radiation clouds and cosmic ray rainbows that cascade over the landscape. Here then are some of the weird alien artifacts that your adventurers might run across.

1d6 Lovecraftian Artifacts, Relics, And
Treasures From The Outer Darkness Table

  1. The Twisted Rod of Gordurngoroth, this +3 club is made from the twisted back bone of a small demonoid and forged with threaded silver wire throughout its two foot length. The club hums with strange energies and screams like a banshee when swung at its target acting as a fear spell. Those with a 30 foot radius must make a save vs wand or flee as per a fear spell. The club will scream through the air and bury itself in any flesh tearing off chunks like living thing.The multi limbed demoniod from whom this artifact was taken will greedily devour the blood, gore, and bits of soul that the rod collects.
  2. Rothauaugilko engine this twisted and seemingly broken device of rods, gears, and flesh wriggles in the hands of its owner but will send a pulse of eye searing blue green soul energy towards a target with a thirty foot radius of the owner. Each blast does 4d6 points of damage to its target as the ray violates the target in the most intimate parts of its soul twisting and turning its victim internally as it bakes its target with horrid alien energies.
    Each time this is done the owner will feel sick,and slightly violated until a save vs device is made. The engine has 10 charges and will take one temporary wisdom point  away from its owner to recharge itself. The thing will chatter and laugh with an orgasmic glee each and every time  this is done. 
  3. Sarororothel's Delight - This crystal of violet and gold shines with an inner light as well as strange reflections of other places. If the crystal is held up to the eye of its owner weird and insane alien vistas of reality are shown. The crystal telepathically reaches into its owner's mind and leeches a point of temporary intelligence blasting thought and memory apart even as a violet and golden light is projected within a twenty foot radius of the owner causing the target to save vs death or age 1d20 years even as they experience strange and horrific half memories of life, death, and insane experiences not their own. The crystal's demonic master basks in the light of each and every use feeding its alien and rank appetites. 
  4. Vaegodrg's Claw - This is a demon's still living claw that may be used as a +2 weapon but each time it is used the owner mutates more into a spawn of Vaegodrg with infinite chaotic varieties existing. The owner will acquire 1d8 mutations after each and every victory achieved with this weapon. The owner will finally become a spawn and murder a friend or comrade sealing their damned fate. The weapon will drop to the ground and wait for another fool to pick it up. The weapon can and will telepathically communicate that it can attack things that are immune to other non magical attacks. Vaegodrg hunts and murders wizards and mages as its favorite prey dispatching spawn to its clerics when and as needed. 
  5. Mabavala's Sinister Circle - This loop of alien silver grey alien metal is actually a telepathic book of forbidden knowledge ripe with 1d8 spells of black magick. The loop will telepathically teach its owner 1st level spells regardless if they wish to learn or not. The thing is cursed and will whisper its arcane secrets to them in their dreams and weak moments. Mabavala the succubus will come to claim their souls upon third level their by increasing her flock of damned black mages on the Prime. 
  6. The Soul Crystal of GAAA - This soul crystal creates a blade of pure force of night planar energy. The weapon does 2d6+2  points of damage with each strike and the weapon is a +2 on other accounts acting as an alien blade. But it stains its owner's soul with each use; soon the demon Agwelilug will come to claim them to join its infinite legions of the damned. The crystal creates an almost weird sexual addiction in its owners; they crave to use this weapon and harness its awful power.
Only true heroes and warriors of the stars may defeat those who fall prey to these weapons. Destiny often seems to call warriors and heroes from myth to deal with the fools who daily with these dark powers.

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