Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Great Electric Hell Gate An Alternative AD&D/Dungeon Crawl Classics Occult Pulp Mash Up Campaign

Welcome to the future of 2009, WW II has dragged on for more years then you can possibly imagined. 'Merica is a ruined wasteland. Only our masked forces between 'us' and Nazi war machine! Ever since a crimson comet hurled between the Earth and the moon unleashing cosmic destruction back in the Seventies. Things have never been the same! You can read more about this world right over HERE

But now with October coming to an end and the world of Thule on the rise in the sky. The forces of Hell itself have come to claim the soul of a hero! Back in the invasion of Los Angeles the soul of Captain Freedom was given over to the forces of Hell itself. The descendants of

Shock Gibson, Captain Freedom, The Black Cat, Ted Parrish (movie actor and master of disguise), plus Pat Parker  and her Girl Commandos. Are going to stop the forces of Hell and Madam Satan from claiming their mentor's soul? Only by journeying into the wastelands of the 'Merican South West and the ruins of  an ancient wizard's tower to retrieve an ancient artifact ( the Crown Of Power)  will our heroes be able to vanquish the forces of Hell.

But the future of 2009 is not the pulp haven of yesteryear, instead this is a much more cynical and dangerous time. Mutants, monsters, and madmen are everywhere, Narcosaian drug kin pins rule the streets, dangerous cults flourish in the shadows, and adventurers seek their opportunities where they can.

The wastelands are dangerous places as well, there are alien things slipping in from Thule, cults from other where seeing a full opportunity and taking full advantage. Nazi agents have made in roads with these folks and drug trade doesn't just flourish, it explodes in full violent force! Rival gangs of blood crazed cultists and warriors clash while 'Merican government agents try to contain the violence as best they can. 
Canadian mercenary forces have been employed in these areas but the drug lords and their armies are gaining ground.

Border towns have sprung up along the way down to the Tex/Terror borderlands. Here the wastelands flourish and magick is a way of  life. Drifters, professional wizards, and Thulian casters come here to practice their arts along with cults from across the dimensions.

The wastelands are also where the vigilante forces flourish, supplied by big business, the Nazi, and the occult as well. Organizations such as the Brothers of the Crimson Cross and vile evil of the Claw organization. Both of these often recruit evil fighters of level 1,2,3, and the Claw loves mutants that sport 1d6 mutations or at least three major ones. Their leaders are often 4th or better wizards or clerics.

So what I did here was to adapt four sources into a second tier campaign/adventure setting here.  I used Crimson Dragon slayer for background details such as races,cults, etc. mixed with a good dose of Skywald Publishing then the magic system of Dungeon Crawl Classics and the 1st edition AD&D game for classes and more details including some of the monster material. But the real star of this has been the Crawling Under A Broken Moon DCC fanzines for its use of the modern firearms and tech, mutations etc.
Watch out for this 7th level madman 'super hero' government operative out in the wastelands kids! He'll fry you!

The final bit for this Halloween game is this video which actually convinced me to grab the DCC rule book and have a real appreciation for the game! There's a bit of bad language here but you really get the idea of what the hobby is really all about for me.

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