Saturday, October 17, 2015

Crimson Snow Blind - A Crawling Under A Broken Moon / Crimson Dragon Slayer Mashup Actual Play Event Part I

The year is 2009 and its the future, Merica is the a post apocalypse and  World War nation. World War II has become a hot/cold war and dragged on for years! Both sides are using mutated heroes and pulp era style adventurers to try and break the stalemate. Ever since a crimson comet hurled between the Earth and the moon unleashing cosmic destruction back in the Seventies. Things have never been the same! Now a new world has broken through the dimensional barriers! Is this the break that Hitler needs?

 The preserved brain of Hitler and his A.I. generals continues its march toward world domination! Both sides are using corporate designed mutated freak super soldier heroes!  A team from the American multinational corporation NTI has learned that the rival German multinational Richter Dynamics has a base in the Alps where the Nazi have uncovered a new prehistoric horror from another era! Our heroes have learned that Hitler has teamed up with a new group of vile villains from the world of Thule!  The Allies are very worried about Hitler receiving additional troops, occult tech support, and 'consultants' from this other world. The Allies corporate sponsors are at a bit of a loss. But Merica has received its own boast in morale and support from Thule! Hundreds of refugees and citizens has brought with them magic and might as well as brand new sciences to our shores! Lady Liberty has opened her hearts and minds to these new comers from another world! But the threat of Hitler and his electric generals remains! What new fiendish deviltry has he come up with?

Only a group of leatherneck mercenary adventurers and  heroes can save 'Merica from this new threat! But first these sons and daughters of liberty  must survive the dreaded funnel! The funnel is a three month survival course out in the wastelands to survive the mutants, monsters, and horrors as a rite of passage to gain their masks, mantles, and names for their team! Our heroes who survived the funnel of the wastelands of 'Merica were admitted into one of the special city states of Graniteville or NewBoston City!
They included :
Dark Fission - master of the mystic arts and energy projection
Brain Dynamo - mistress of the arts of the mind 
Venom Mistress -  assassin, mutant, and heroine of horror 
Malachite Cleric - hero, and master of the elemental arts (RAGGH minor elemental prince patron) 
Spirit Crow - hero, Elven tracker and bowmen
Toxic Cleaver - Barbarian hero from another world, master of the enchanted blade 
The Venomousoid - Mutated adventurer, assassin, and all around pain in the ass 

Our heroes were dropped in under cover of darkness to Berchtesgaden a municipality in the German Bavarian Alps. Local German resistance fighters had been doing recon and helping the Allies out for months before this operation was to come off. Our heroes had a combination of modern fire arms and a few gadgets as well as some special forces do dads. They managed to meet their contacts and dodge the patrols of Hitler's Waroids moving among the countryside.

The PC's managed to sneak onto one of the levels of the secret lair of the Nazi's and managed to face down an Iron Emperor which took up a good portion of the night.  They weren't thrilled to find themselves fighting in a 'The Fox Bat Light Weight WWII Nazi Mecha Battle Armor' hanger either. More to come next week! Tune in for even more pulptastic action!

What I did here is to use Crimson Dragon Slayer's races, setting,etc.  and random tables to create my heroes and then adapted them to the  Dungeon Crawl Classics system to work around this with the Crawling under A Broken Moon additions for an alternative Earth one shot adventure. For the guns and military gear Issue #1 of the Crawling Under A Broken Moon has almost everything I need to start with. The rule here is to keep the ingredients simple and then pick and choose as needed.

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