Tuesday, October 6, 2015

2:30 AM Fantastic Heroes and Witchery Event - Mop Up At The Slave Market


For the past several weeks the PC's in my Fantastic Heroes and Witchery game have been tracking some slavers across the face of Accursed Atlantis to the selling of some two hundred plus elves. Finally its been the culmination of several months worth of tracking, dungeon crawling, and plane hopping adventures. Last night's game finally wrapped up at 2:30 AM after beginning at 6:30 at night. The PC's had to deal with the orges who were sporting cybernetic implants and dealing with causing as much chaos as possible to herd the slaves out through a dimensional portal.

 There was a wizard who was actually two entities in one and when one of the PC's caused the glowing violet crystal ball that the wizard was holding  to explode a fire ball was cast and all hell broke loose. There were more then a few injuries but the PC's almost got the lich which managed to escape with twenty five of its most important experimental stock. The spinning dimensional door lead the PC's to another world and now things have gotten really weird.

Dimensional travel wasn't instant access either and they had to cross the dimensional wilderness and get past a few minor monsters and horrors before finding themselves someplace else. They tangled with an astral stalker and they barely escaped the horror. They may encounter it at another time.

The party found themselves in a forest surrounded by giant trees and the sounds of squeaky voices. They decided to hide and watched as a pack 1d8 wererat assassins passed by their position. The party was in no shape to tangle with the assassins at all. They allowed for about twenty minutes in the dark before starting out on the path that had been wore into the woods.

They're Elven thief's dark vision gave them a pretty clear indicator of the way that the rats had come. Suddenly their smelling the most amazing baked goods smell ever. They happen upon a small cottage of confections in the middle of the woods. They came across a witch's cottage and the kindly old woman offered them healing for a price. The old witch acted like the PC's were expected. What's going on? Now their on the trail of that lich and his sinister plans for his experimental Elven stock! Where are the PC's and what world is this!? 

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