Friday, May 6, 2022

'When Asteroid Mining Goes Wrong! This is Gonna Cost You An Arm & A Leg?!' Session Play Report For Our Thursday Evening Game

 This is blog post is gonna pick straight up from this morning's post.  Our party is working on a mine claim that they received as a reward for one of their jobs. 

So the players in last night's game had a hot tip that there was an asteroid with a rich claim that they had been paid with. The player's PC's gained the uphander landin on it and their miners went to work. And here's where things went very wrong. The Ted Ticoda the  belter that DM Steve was playing had several very bad rolls and a mining laser did its work cutting off an arm & a leg. The other spacers secured him, grabbed miner's  suit and sealed it. The limbs however floated off into the blackness of space and the PC's managed to get Ted Ticoda the  belter  aboard ship. Now our PC's are between sectors & have located an out lying colony world between 'These Stars Are Ours' & The Clement Sector near Argos Prime. And a medical robot has its tendrils in our belter at this point

Michael Johnson's Interface: Cybernetics
is on the table because of the cybernetic system from this Independence Game supplement. Everything in Interface is focused on the Clement Sector & the Earth sector setting. Which completes the illusion of a colony world on the edge of a system with deep ties to the Clement sector. Thus pulling the players deeper in Clement sector's history & issues. Interface Cybernetics is a solid addition to my game campaign. 

A cold sinister intelligence is tracking the PC's mining endevours & the PC's have noted several unknown starships following them. And these signals move from place to place with the party's spacecraft. The party's spooked & thinks that there's more then casual flying and that it might be claim jumpers. And its not at all but something I whipped up using Artificial: Robots In The Clement Sector. 

 The Space Patrol has contacted the party & wants a word with them. The party is staying on Thor IV and is more then happy to talk with em. We'll pick up the game coming up! 

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