Saturday, May 21, 2022

Some OSR Thoughts On James Ward's Greyhawk Adventures & Castles & Crusades

 If there's one book that a DM has to have if their going to run Greyhawk in the minds of many players of AD&D or Castles & Crusades. It has to be James Ward's Greyhawk Aventures! Why?! Because of the fact that Greyhawk Adventures expands Greyhawk of course! Expands upon the dieties, the monsters, Hall of Heroes places, persons, & things of Greyhawk, huge nimber of magical spells, new Greyhawk magic items, the geography of Oerth, adventures on Greyhawk, zero level PC options & available customization, and a Greyhawk spell list. 

So while all of this is packed into here running Greyhawk with Castles & Crusades is going to be a bit of a challenge. Greyhawk Adventures helps a ton because it gives the dungeon master the first real expansion on Greyhawk since the classic box set. 

Greyhawk is the down & dirty fantasy Europe that never existed & yet its influence within modern campaigns is still felt. Forgotten Realms might get all of the credit as one of the most influencal campaign settings. But its Greyhawk that has such a devoted following. Geyhawk still retains its cult following as the oriinal iconic campaign setting unto itself. And Greyhawk Adventures follws right there the original box set's footing. The adventures within? The adventures are easily adaptable to your own campaign settings. 
What about the Castles & Crusades rpg system? Depending upon Greyhawk era & local setting C&C adapts quite easily with Jim Ward's Greyhawk adventures. The rounded out campaign elements of Greyhawk Adventures can easily be molded by the DM to their Greyhawk campaigns. This is one of the strengths of the classic era TSR AD&D first edition books. 

Greyhawk works for C&C because of its scope, adaptability, and use as a campaign world that fits your world campaign. The potenial there is to take the classic Greyhawk folio & using Greyhawk Adventures to mold the fluff to fit your own worlds of adventure. The reason why this works is that Greyhawk Adventures is a tool kit of adventure elements that can be added or subtracted from as needed in your C&C campaign world. 

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