Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Greed Gets The Better of 'Em Everytime! - HOSTILE Situation Report 001 - Ghost Ship Play Session Report

 The Hostile Technical Manual is another book that gives a very deep dive into the retro technologies of the Hostile rpg universe. That is something that I embrace by drawing PC's from previous time periods of our Stars Without Numbers rpg  campaigns. We've done this by putting the new player's PC's into less then ideal adventures this is true of the 'monster' of Hostile Situation report#1 Ghostship
The PC's are on a mission for the Appex megacorporation & they receive an emergency transmission from a starship in a nearby starsystem. They drop a hyperspace buoy after the Eldridge doesn't respond to transmissions from the USS Leroy & get on with their own mission. 

A chance to do a bit of salvage to bait the hook and the PC's are after the Eldridge! They burn into the system & scan the Eldridge with sensors all of the while transmitting to the Eldridge. The Leroy's crew right's the ship outta of the gas giant's atmosphere. 
 There are no crew survivors on board but there are other crew in hypersleep. The first thing the Leroy's crew does is attach umblical cords to the Eldridge via a space walk  & accesses the ship's computer. They find out about the conditions aboard the Eldridge but don't want to go aboard ship. They begin cleaning out the Eldridge's compartments  venting some of the compartments into space without losing the crew's corpses. The Leroy's crew downloads the temetry data from the Eldridge to find out where they've been. 
They send in a robot to get samples of the contents of the medical lab, the computer hub, etc. then the robot goes into decom. Yes, these players have seen Alien and dont't trust me at all as DM! The Leroy then escorts the Eldridge back to the Appex facilities they just came from. The Leroy's crew is able to get bonuses for the discovery of a new alien life form just as the bio weapon's divsion of Appex comes to claim the ship as salvage. The crew in cryosleep are marked as D.O.A. by Appex's corporate division with appropriate compensation gladly paid to the rival corporation for the loss of the starship. Needless to say the PC's are unimpessed as Appex is up to its old tricks. 

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