Monday, May 2, 2022

'Marines Died' Total War Rpg Session Report One

 So over the weeekend we got together & my character Leuteniant Dan was involved in a high end dust up in DM Steve's Hostile rpg campaign and he married up some of the Modern War rules with it. This wasn't a bug hunt but instead a straight up skirmish on LV 53. This was a colonist uprising & we were playing marines that were sent in for suppression. There's another rival corporation whose been funnelling in arms to the rebels. And then things went from bad to worse! 

We were hemmed in & died, it was gloriously brutal. And the fun didn't stop there, oh no! Our drop ship hammer the rebels in retailation. And eventually the rebels radioed surrender and our bodies were recovered. All in all it was eight players plus DM. 
So now it switches up to going back up the laddar to find out whose behind the arms deal because there's dead marines. The mega corporates are going to pay and the marine's investigative branch is involved. We're rolling up the next set of PC's and moving on with the campaign. Events are about to get very brutal in the mix! This is going to be an on going campaign style of game 

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