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Some Deeper OSR Thoughts On WGR2: "Treasures of Greyhawk", by Walter Baas, Jack Barker, Louis Prosperi, Tom Prusa, and Roy Rowe

From lost settlements on the wild shores of the Amedio Jungle to a dragon's lair in the Crystalmist Mountains, this new anthology of AD&D adventures has something for every adventurer.

Search for the fabled jewel, the Eye of Nur Dav, or seek a powerful magical item like the Helm of Selnor. You must be on your guard, however, for each of these adventures is designed to test the mettle of the experienced adventurer.

So, whether you wish to pay a visit to the archmage Bigby's humble abode, search the tombs in the Cairn Hills, or pass the time of day riddling with a sphinx, these forays into the World of Greyhawksetting will be a challenge for parties of venturesome players, who either excel at role-playing, combat and puzzle-solving, or who wish to.

Who knows, you might even win the treasures of Greyhawk."

WGR2: "Treasures of Greyhawk", by Walter Baas, Jack Barker, Louis Prosperi, Tom Prusa, and Roy Rowe, is the second book in the "WGR" series of World of Greyhawk References. It was published in June 1992. This is one of those books that becomes a favorite over time. And time is how  one comes to appreciate this book, Why? Because when it comes to Greyhawk WGR2 'Treasures of Greyhawk' could be set in any era. 'Treasures of Greyhawk' isn't a reference book or supplement of Greyhawk. Well almost but not quite being instead a clever anthology of mini Greyhawk adventures. And so this blog entry pick up from here. 

Treasures of Greyhawk's format is what makes it perfect as drag & drop adventure anthology for Castles & Crusades. This adventure anthology has enough hutzpa to be the campaign kick in the pants to get a gritty & quite nasty Greyhawk campaign off of the ground. And it's this element that allows this 96 page book to be slotted right into the back door of Greyhawk Adventure  Greyhawk Ruins quite nicely. Several of the dungeon & outdoor adventure elements from Greyhawk Ruins  slide into 'Treasures of Greyhawk' expanding upon what's come before or in addition to. 

The blending of 2nd edition Greyhawk adventure elements is strongly centered around the Greyhawk 2nd edition campaign setting. This is something that encourages the DM to take elements of James Ward's Greyhawk Adventures book. Taking into account the events of Greyhawk Adventures timeline then we get the grimer & grittier Greyhawk we've come to expect. 

These Greyhawk adventure & campaign elements loop around into the Greyhawk folio making the WGR2: "Treasures of Greyhawk" an easy fit for Castles & Crusades. Greyhawk 2nd edition makes sense as a C&C campaign setting because of the fact that it bypasses a lot of time consuming campaign work. And its far more interesting to OSR & old school players then the Troll Lords house campaign setting. Sorry but its been told to me by players not a personal opinion. 

C&C offers all of the modern game play without the having to relearn all of the D&D weirdness. Make a character, drop into  WGR2: "Treasures of Greyhawk",and run it like a regular 2nd edition Greyhawk campaign. 
The City of Greyhawk offers the start point or in one of the world's smaller villages. And things will go down hill for the PC's. This is where its a perfect time to slip in an NPC traveller from the  Castles & Crusades NPC Almanac The Register.

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