Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Harvest Moon - Turquoise Valley By David Woodrum From Fish Wife Games & The Clement Sector Rpg Campaign Update

So for tonight's Clement Sector rpg session I needed a town & not just any town but one that double as a small colony station for use with the Rider rpg New Liberty setting. Enter David Woodrum's Turquoise Valley which just so happens to be in my que on Drivethrurpg. 

" Built just outside of copper mining territory, Turquoise Valley enjoyed enough early success to allow the community to grow into a thriving little prairie town. Though still prosperous, there are signs that the economy is starting to slow down. Mayor McCarty has dreams of using his connection to the railroad company to establish a new train station in town. Being linked up to western railroad expansion is what the mayor believes will allow the community to survive and grow into a small city."

"Not everyone shares the mayor’s vision. Business entrepreneur Jacob Hound seeks to gain majority control over Turquoise Valley’s economic interests and these plans would further limit his influence. Mr. Hound’s business investments are doing just fine without such growth and the entrepreneur would love run Mr. McCarty out of town and assume the role of mayor. Unfortunately for Mayor McCarty his rival Mr. Hound has a few supporters in Turquoise Valley who are not afraid to dish out a few dirty deeds…"

Turquoise Valley’s economic interests & its positioning as an up & coming colony asset for the World of New Liberty makes it perfect to drag & drop into the Clement Sector's Rider settting. Why because of the fact that the Clement Sector is the new frontier in the black. 

So in tonight's game the PC's are investigating the disappearance of miners just outside of Turquoise Valley. The town doctor has asked the PC's to investigate the local mine & has brought the PC's into town on his dime. Their staying at his spread just outside of town. The PC's were shown the dried & mummified  bodies of the miner's corpses. Nathan Cobb of Cobb's Drug Store has been helping the local doctor & the other newer  colonists. The sand mutants have been rendering the corpses of the miners down for valuable nutrients & other materials. 

 What the PC's don't know is the fact that sand mutants have been taking exception to the miners tunneling into their lair. The sand mutant use an armored recycle suit to move around on the surface of New Liberty.  
The Sand Mutants # Appearing 1d6 
7/15, Move 10m, Armor 2, Mace or Staff  (melee 2D damage) or Bow (ranged 2D damage). Physical-3, Survival-2. Infravision, light sensitivity. Random trinket. 
The twist is that the Sand Mutants are actually the original colonists of New Liberty who through one of the radioactive storms of New Liberty were transformed into the Sand Mutants. That was 50 years ago & there's now their back to seek to revenge against the town. Turquoise Valley By David Woodrum From Fish Wife Games gives just enough information to allow the DM to insert this Old Western setting into their own campaigns. At twelve pages there's just enough to use for your games & its very easy to use. 

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