Friday, May 6, 2022

'Paranoia is Your Friend' These Stars Are Ours & The Clement Sector Campaign Setting Sector Commentary

 “We are human. Terra is our cradle, our motherworld. However, for a century and a half we were not its rulers, nor did we have control over our destiny. The Reticulan Empire ruled us as it ruled countless billions of sentient beings from other species. Our destiny was in shackles. The Empire is a prison for sentient species."

"Our destiny is tobreak free of these shackles, to tear down the walls of this prison. For decades, we fought for alien overlords in bloody wars far to Rimward. We returned to our motherworld to see our people humiliated, oppressed, and robbed.It is time we stop fighting for the Reticulans. It is high time we start fighting for ourselves. For the first rays of the Terran Dawn do shine upon us, and soon enough the sun of our freedom – of the freedom of all sentient beings inknown space – will rise to drive back the darkness of our Imperial conquerors. As Terrans – we must rise againstour oppressors, free our motherworld, and in doing so – liberate all known species from the Imperialyoke”. - Vera Singh, Terran Dawn, 2227 - Introduction" 'These Stars Are Ours' 

 If the Space 2100 rpg is the hard Science Fiction rpg for Cepheus Engine rules. And Independnce Games rpg is middle ground ground Space Opera then the 'These Stars Are Ours' rpg  line is pure Pulpy Space Opera & unappolagically so. Terra isn't Earth in my opinion or it's an Earth that hasn't had contact with our Earth in hundreds of years. The vastiness of space & ages has given those who have been abducted by the Zeta Reticullans an entirely different name Terrans. And then there's the aliens of Zeta Reticullan space & their attendant species. 

How can the 'These Stars Are Ours' sector exist along side  with the Clement Sector & The Earth Sector of Independence Games?! Easily, the Ancient Zeta Reticulans created ancient uplifted mixed human & animal species from the Earth genome & their alien creations became the 'aliens' of the TSAO sector. What many gamers don't seem to understand just how mind boggling huge space is nor the fact that these sectors could be side by side and never even have contact. And this plays up on 'the paranoia factor' of TSAO. So if we play to the paranoia factor in TSAO then perhaps the Ancients (Greys) never stopped their experiment and humanity (aliens included) have inherited these technologies. And they have been watching conflicts, battles, etc. with the humans & other creations. Abducting here, tweaking there, etc. The player's PC's & their adventurers totally unaware of the looming threat watching in the background.  

In our  mind the aliens (Terrans included) of TSAO are the Plains Indians of Cepheus Engine rpg. Sure there are Terrans, Zeta Reticulans, etc. in the Clement Sector. These are simply another curiousity in a universe of curoisities. Forget the 'noble savages' stereo type here these folks are traders who have crossed oceans of darkness & survived everything the Black has thrown at them. 
For the Clement Sector with its uplifted animals, adventurers, etc. these are simply another group of spacers whose travelled the Black. 

So does the Terran government actually know something & it's the Space Patrol that has far more weight on it's shoulders then anyone realizes?! The simple enforcement of star law could hide the fact that their looking for Ancient's artifacts & more in the smuggler's trade in the Clement sector. 

The Space Patrol is obviously an analogy of the United States Calvry and to get this situation a historical analogy on its own we turn back to the American Civil War.  We're reminded of the  Babylon five show here with millions of colonies, humans, aliens, etc. suffering off screen & the larger threat looming in the background.  But we're only beginning to spool this out for play folks. 

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