Monday, May 9, 2022

OSR Campaign Commentary Update & Review - Interface: Cybernetics in Clement Sector By Michael Johnson From Independence Games

 "We can rebuild you...

Interface: Cybernetics in Clement Sector details the use of cybernetics in the Clement Sector setting.  From those who hate and mistrust cybernetics, like those on Harrison, to the Caxtonists on Kingston who feel that cybernetics make them closer to God, you'll find it all in here.   While seen as a bit gauche in a setting where biological rebuilds are more accepted, cybernetics are still an important part of life in Clement Sector.

Here you will find options to replace body parts, mind computers, hand computers, software, and much more.  Also included is the Cyberneticist career to allow you to create characters with deep experience with cyberware.

While, of course, this book is intended to support our vast Clement Sector setting, it can easily be used in any Cepheus Engine or 2d6 SF setting.

Get ready.  You'll be stronger, faster, better for it."

Interface: Cybernetics in Clement Sector By Michael Johnson is a solid addition into the Clement & Earth sector campaign settings. Our current group of miners has had a problem with one of our miners whose lost his arm & his leg. Interface: Cybernetics in Clement Sector has all of the cybernetics options as our party has plenty of time on their hands leaving their comrade to the tender mercies of a medicine robot & an A.I. that is watching over him. While Mongoose Traveller may have a cybernetic book its not focused on the Clement sector. And our current group is between the TSRO Reticulan empire & the Clement sector. And the A.I. is rebuilding our miner's body &  creating cybernetics from an old android body it has. And we're using Artificial:Robots in the Clement Sector. 

 The A.I. has been created using Artificial:Robots in the Clement Sector guidelines & its got it's own agenda for the PC's. And that includes radium & gold claims that the A.I. has deep interests in and its got a few ships at hand but no miners to run those ships. What does it have up its sleeve and who is it working for?! 

Artificial:Robots in the Clement SectorInterface: Cybernetics in Clement Sector
are both what I would consider essential books for the Clement & Earth sectors. Because they bring through the campaign elements from the history & background of these settings. The technologies and supplement elements are very well done in these two books because they tie directly into the backdrop of the games. These are not generic supplements but solidly done books for the table top level. 

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