Monday, May 16, 2022

In The Ashen Desert Caper- Greyhawk Castles & Crusades Mixed session report


During tonight's Castles & Crusades rpg campaign put out by DM Steve, the forever DM myself got a chance to slip from behind the screen to play Asrog The Thief a 6th level PC. The C&C  game setting takes place on the world of Greyhawk where the Warden of Metamorphis Alpha rpg fame has crashed! And the world is one of Sword & Superscience but at a price. The Rain of Colorless Fire was actually the Warden hitting Greyhawk! The world is thrown into other utter chaos & our party of adventurers is in the middle of this trying to make sense of it all 200 years after the event. 

Our party is in the employ of a wealthy merchant prince whose obsessed with collecting the remains of what fell from the sky. Or so he thinks. We've a party of seven for tonight's game & my poor thief has been put into the midst of a knight, a paladin, two fighters, a cleic, a smarmy wizard, and a Dwarven warrior. The Dwarf my thief gets along with & we've been traveling for many days after buying a map from a gnome clan of cartographers & explorers. The dungeon is a series of ruins just jutting up from the sands.
The sands have been fused into green golden glass that we passed by & were attacked by 3 glass elementals. The elemental energies are extremely strong here. The warriors pounded on the 3 glass elementals & finally our wizard fire balled the lot! The ruins were a series of low slung buildings or at least they were. After a bit of searching we managed to find an iron wrought door. Checking for traps my PC was able to avoid a needle trap! After picking the lock the door quietly opened!? Why would a door to a dungeon open easily unleas it was maintained! I got one of my daggers out just in case after descending into the darkness on a rope  with only a torch & my daggers forprotection. There were voices from down below! 
A quick series of  tugs on the rope above & I extinguished the torch. Now with the rest of the warriors coming down the rope I moved swiftly to get to the bottom of the ruins.All around us was debris from orc inhabitation. They are after all descended from demonic pigs. We sought cover as soon as we reached the bottom of the ruins & looked around. We were expecting anything around us & so didn't take any chances! More to come next week! 

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