Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Coldest Secret - Hartford Beta Max Black Edition Stars Without Numbers Actual Play Mission

The party in tonight's game explored the  Battle Star Lemuria which has had a very checkered and haunted history in my games over the past couple of years. You can find more background right over HERE & HERE

Tonight's game found the party penitrating deep into the bowels of the Lemuria and finding the haunted ship inhabited by Upgraded Cylon warriors deep in sleep mode. The party passed dozens of these warriors lining the passages of the ship. There was plenty of salvage from these tables HERE

Some of this material goes all the way back to Mega Dungeons of Kobol HERE
After finding two Colonial Vipers on board in the hangers and salvaging those for the
 collector's market.

The party dealt with a force field surrounding some sleep pods deep in engineering attached to a main power conduit and surrounded by an elaborate series of force screens with plenty of dead old school Cylon warriors piled up high next to them.

The party used a series of drones and hacked their way into the systems of the ship after carefully making their way through a series of double blind systems not attached to the primitive systems of the Lumeria itself. The ship phases in and out of its planar run of destinations each weirder then the last.
They dropped drones  at each destination from their own craft as the haunted ship keep skipping universes every couple of hours.

At last they were able to hack into the nine sleep pods and that's when they're pilot spotted a clutch of three  Cylon ships closing in to the Lumeria's position. A careful game of cat and mouse with the Cylon ships and the dropping of drones from their ship and the key activation of their ship's stealth field finally lost the Cylon fighters but their A.I.'s are devilishly clever and the party knows that this is a temporary solution at best.
The party finally woke what they assumed to be Colonial survivors only to find out the Colonials were taken away by another party of mercs! The folks in the sleep pods were Riccians mercenaries from my 
High Tech Mysticism & High Caliber Adventure campaign all the way back in 2012. Details right over HERE
The Riccians had been betrayed by their former allies and shoved into the sleep pods as the Upgraded Cylons closed in to keep the ship from self destructing tonight's group thinks that the Lemuria will destroy itself now that Riccians have been saved. They don't know that the Cylons are awakening across the ship as you read this.
More coming up after Christmas! 

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