Tuesday, December 30, 2014

1d10 Random Deep Space Star Ship Encounter Table For Your Old School Space Based Campaigns

There are times when your space crew runs into an unknown factor, that ship or crew whom your adventurers are not quite sure about. Here's a handy table to make those 'first contacts' far more interesting. 

1d10 Random Deep Space Star Ship Encounter Table
  1. A crew of alien pilgrims on their way to make a sizable donation to their local temple 500 light years from their home world. The design of their ship is advanced but ancient and there are several innovations with its design. They're open to trade though. 
  2. A group of human mutant raiders coming back from a raid on one of the Outer Rim colony world and laden for bare. They wouldn't mind picking up extra slaves and some fluff to sell at the slave markets back home. Your group looks pretty damn fine to make a quick buck on. 
  3. An ancient space wreck mostly wreckage with 1d8 zombies on board and a valuable A.I. core. The wreck is interdimensionally unstable and will phase out within 1d10 hours anyone caught on board will be lost forever. 
  4. An ancient weapon of mass destruction packed with nuclear explosives, anyone caught on board will be subject to the mono molecular  traps set long ago.
  5. A crew of 1d10 intergalactic 'Lotus Eaters' who are spreading their mission of peace, love, and space brotherhood among the stars. They have 1d100 tons of space lotus drug that they will freely share with any world. 
  6. A race of shape shifting politicians in their faster then light space craft who help to organize and coordinate worlds regardless if they want these life form's help or not. 
  7. A flying ruined temple on a chunk of world with one billion year old ancient priest still tending his duties. He is looking for the 'one' but the one what isn't clear. There are 1d6 ancient artifacts in this temple. 
  8. An ancient space craft packed with colonists from a dead world on their way to a better life who have mutated into dangerous and horrid monsters that will try to eat anyone they come across. They're bodies regenerate and adapt to most combat quickly and efficiently. These monsters are worth a fortune to the right weapons sellers. 
  9. This bio electronic space craft is one giant brain organ belonging to an ancient cosmic god being whose parts are slowly drifting back in. The thing contains incredible amounts valuable bio liquid which can be 'mined' but there are already 1d100 alien mercs on board who have figured out the same thing. 
  10. A space going cult of chaos worshiping cultist mercs who sell their blasters to the highest bidders. These bastards are masquerading as traders and trying to press gang any spacers they come across. There are 1d30 of the mad bastards and they will kill without exception. 

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