Friday, December 12, 2014

1d10 Random Underground Scared Adventure Locations Table For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

While X doesn't always always mark the spot in the deep wastelands there are mutant  tribes that know the truth about some of the nearby taboo areas that surround their villages. Places where incredible artifacts and treasures have been uncovered but the vengeance of the Ancient's wrath has been wrought in the past. This vengeance lives on in myth and legend. Legends breed treasure hunters and relic seekers like flies. Here are a list of ten such places where legends come alive with all too much reality in the post apocalyptic wastelands. Here underground worlds lead to death or much worse.
1d10 Random Underground
 Scared Adventure Locations Table
  1. An ancient cursed sealed and locked doorway leads down to an ancient subway tunnel system but its inhabited by plague zombies who guard an old army bunker full of relics tainted by strange radiations of which ancient legends speak of. 
  2. An ancient stone marker has been placed over a melted down energy cell recharging plant. The place is haunted by an immortal mutant cancer slime that will devour the first fool to unbury this hell hole. A fortune in radioactive pre apocalyptic gold was secreted here. 
  3. An ancient skyward pointing metal tower is actually a relay station for relic satellite weapons still in orbit. Any disturbance will rain fire and hell upon the surrounding landscape. A key has been secreted nearby to shut off the system, a nearby village has the code for the system as part of its songs and legends, its their 'sacred number' religion. 
  4. A nearby village has sunk into the landscape as the vast underground cave system below has swallowed it up and released the horrid mutant underground dwellers upon the wastelands. They come at night mostly. Mostly. Legend has it that the vast underground cave system holds the key for stopping these demonic things. 
  5. An ancient sword has been uncovered by a farm in a field and it is said that raiders from beyond the stars are now going to come back to claim their descendants as their legacy. A strange metal man sized capsule has also been uncovered and its strange giant undead inhabitant has supposedly awoken and will claim  the lands for miles around as his kingdom. 
  6. A rusted metal door has been uncovered in a nearby field that leads to a vast ancient underground kingdom where elves and mutants rule. They are coming for a fair haired king among the nearby villages and will enslave any that they come across. Strange weapons, relics, and more have been uncovered and the farm animals nearby have taken sick. This is seen as signs of their displeasure. 
  7. A single giant rusted iron key has been uncovered and rumor has it, that the thing belongs to a nearby mountain top pre Apocalyptic base and only the true heir of the place may open this ancient place of secrets. But they will come at a terrible price, the owner of the key must become a cyborg custodian forever after once the door has been unlocked. 
  8. A single blank card with a golden stripe has been found. The thing has a micro chip embedded within and will lead to a vast underground base, the home of the elder ones. Those who venture within this place are forever changed and must not return lest they bring the wraith of the ancients among us. Their treasures are not for mortal eyes. 
  9. A seal with the mark of the Great Old Ones has been found, the seal can open doors to the pleasures of heaven or the damnation of the dank Hells of the underworlds. The rumor is that even now the Old Ones are seeking the finder to make him their priest and servant even as the roast & swallow his soul. There have been several artifacts belonging to the servants of them nearby. The dead are supposedly moving among their unquiet graves even now. 
  10. A vast underground world filled with chariots of the Ancients has been found. The Ancient drivers are still there riding their old beasts. These undead things are coming into the wastes to reclaim their old haunts and artifacts even now. Any who have the treasures of the ancients shall feel their wrath but this vast multi level chamber of ancient wisdom has even more treasures within it.  

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