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Retro Sci Fi Robot Adventure Encounter - Robot Thunder Guardians For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic or Space Based Campaigns

Your PC's land on a red desert Texas like planet, all seems normal until the robotic guardians pop up out of the dust and sand to rain destruction down on your party of intrepid space explorers! Who are they? What do they want?
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Completely tireless and armed with pop out machine guns cannons these four tireless guardians of some ancient star barbarian's or astronaut's treasure will appear. Legends say that these robotic monsters sometimes have used laser eye cannons each doing 2d6 points of damage per shot with a range of  4 klicks. The claw machine guns use armor piercing rounds and do a tremendous amount of damage to anything not protected by a force field. Speculation is that the Robot Thunder Guardians are held within special super science cells that maintain these robotic guardians. All AD&D construct guidelines apply. Can not be surprised due to superior sensor systems, immune to sleep, charm, and all mental domination
Robot Thunder Guardians
Number Appearing: 4 (Unique)
 Armor Class: 6
Move: 12/.24" 
Hit Points : 100
% in lair: 100%
Treasure Type: G
Damage/ Attacks: 2d6 Eye Lasers, 4d8 Armor Piercing Machine Guns, 
Special Attacks:
By Relic Weapon Systems 
Special Defenses: Never Surprised,All Construct Defenses Apply
Regeneration & Repair Cycles Within Super Science Cells 
Magic Resistance: 40% 
Intelligence: Genius 
Alignment: Neutral Evil 
Size: L (18') 
Psionic Ability : Nil 
Attack and Defense Modes: Nil 
Level/XP Value: X/22,600


What Are The Thunder Robots Guarding Random 1d10
Loot Table

  1. A vault of valuable super science artifacts and the former lair of a pirate warlord now long gone. 1d10 minor artifacts left. 
  2. An intact tomb of a former great star barbarian with many dazzling treasures aboard his relic star ship 
  3. A evil robot war lord entombed with dozens of other robotic horrors who spring to life right about now. 1d30 of the robotic bastards! 
  4. A time vault of alien wonders locked behind a force field of incredible power! 
  5. 1d100 super science enhanced warriors of incredible aspect whose robotic handlers were keeping them in hypersleep for the decades to come. Very dangerous! 
  6. A giant alien child who is over joyed at finding new play mates after his parents put him down for a million year old nap to be watched over by his robotic guardians. 
  7. An alien construction crew with equipment looking to be awoken for their next assignment. The robots were security. 
  8. A Lovecraftian horror god in deep sleep, the robots belonged to the Krell and were put in place to keep it from destroying the planet. Run like hell as it awakens from its tomb! 
  9. A super science villian sorcerer of 10th level or higher that will wreck havoc upon those fools who awaken him! 
  10. The treasure is long gone, looted by bastard adventurers like you long dead. HA HA.

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