Thursday, December 25, 2014

Quick Shout For Metal Earth's Cosmic Tales Is Live And Available!

Grab It Right Over
Comic Tales The Planet Eaters Book One was release on Christmas Eve and unlike the Interview actually delivers a dose of cosmic awesomeness in the form of a dimensional and plane traveling cosmic level space opera comicbook wrapped up with enough ideas to mine for four campaigns!
The artwork is right on par with the awesomeness of the Metal Earth blog which I dig and so this is right up the same alley! This comic packs more ideas per panel then you can shake a stick at. The plot concerns a group of cosmic adventurers who, never mind just go and read the damn thing. Its the sort of thing that draws heavily from Jack Kirby's gee wiz comic thinking with Metal Earth's tone put into a blender set to awesome! Its original, really nicely done and it's evocatively interesting enough to have me looking it over again to get into the back drop and setting.
The tone here is some place between Seventies Sci Fi mixed with comic book space mayhem. Look go over to Metal Earth. Take a look and get into its vibe, you won't be disappointed! Thanks for the gift from the artist of the Metal Earth Blog! 


  1. Shared this on Twitter, Facebook, and a few Facebook groups I'm in as well as here. This is a really nice piece of work Aos, and I'm not a slutch when it comes to your blog. I can't always leave comments but I'm always watching and reading. Because of work and familial commitments I can't always let you know but I do enjoy the hell out of your stuff. So I promote it where and when I can pal. Keep on keeping on with your stuff man! Cheers and thanks for the great work! Happy holidays and happy New Year!


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