Friday, December 12, 2014

Free OSR Download - Libram Magica: A Basic Fantasy Rpg Supplement For Your Old School Campaigns

Have you ever needed that one spell for your old school campaigns and just couldn't remember all the details or a slightly new twist on an old favorite for your NPC necromancer or other vile villain? Are your PC's in need of some new twists or a quick reference to grab all the quick little magic details right now.The Libram Magica for Basic Fantasy has all of your old favorites and more. Best of all its free. 


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Spells are a tricky business the best of times and in retroclone games can make or break the system. The problem is that a DM can't ever have enough of these little beauties and while its great to create new spells, psychic powers and magical what not who has the time in today's fast paced world? So this free OSR Basic Fantasy rpg supplement is right up the alley of those pressed for time DM's who need new material but don't have the time design yet another magical add on to their player's PC's. That's where this booklet comes in and it covers all of the major OD&D and AD&D highlights. This is a play test edition so be warned, things may change in the final equation but this book gives a fairly even and across the board magical overview. According to the Basic website: 
Libram Magica: A Basic Fantasy Supplement  by R. Kevin Smoot (and previous contributors) 
Spells, Spells, and More Spells. The Libram contains spells of all levels, and includes the contents of the original Spells Supplement, the Zero-level Spells Supplement, and many new entries... with all materials having a serious editorial review for consistency, completeness, and error proofing. Spells for Druids, Necromancers, and Illusionists were included as well. The document is extensively hyperlinked to allow easy navigation via computer.

So what the hell is this book doing on my science fiction and fantasy blog? Simply put spells are a way of doing fast creation psychic and super science powers for PC's in an OD&D space based campaign or a science fantasy campaign. Take a range of level for a PC or NPC, create the effects that you want and then its a matter of plug and playing across the character sheet what's needed. I've seen this done numerous times in games I've played and this is a nice little free download to help with just this sort of thing.
The spells are well organized and put together with all of the major and some minor PC and NPC classes from your favorite OD&D styles of gaming. The author has done a nice job here of revamping all of the high points and adding in his own touches here and there in booklet.
The pdf is well organized and put into a convenient manor to allow a DM to circumvent the hassle and get each and everything right at their fingertips. Grab this one and get going on your favorite old school spells and schools where needed.
This really is a nicely put together listing of all of the traditional aspects of OD&D with bits of the AD&D tradition thrown into an absolutely usable mix.
Grab this one and get your magic on across the board, a very nice free reference index and source booklet of your old favorites with some nice twists thrown into the mix. 

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