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1d10 Random Space Finds & Encounters On An Asteroid Table For Your Old School Space Based Campaigns

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Attribution: ESA/Hubble

Glittering among the stars are billions of asteroids that provide adventurers and space scum alike with plenty of opportunity for profit or moments to lose both life and limb easily. Who knows what might be found or encountered in the black depths of space upon these silent wanderers among the stars. 
Here then is a handy table of random asteroid space finds for your old school campaigns. 
Here then is a handy table of treasures, weirdness, and loot just waiting to be discovered by your band of spacers! 
1d10 Random Space Finds From An Asteroid Table

  1. A single silver floating moonlet sphere made of solid silver flying around the asteroid in perfect orbit. Created from the heart of a damned sun and worth a fortune. The thing brings very bad luck to those who find it though This artifact is actually the petrified heart of some ancient elemental demon who still bellows his rage chained in some nameless black hell at the center of an event horizon. 
  2. A scattering of alien nano lifeforms glittering like jewels upon the surface of the rock. The complex patterns that they make is indicative of their function as ancient alien mining micro life forms. 
  3. This isn't an asteroid but complex fossilized ancient terraforming equipment. The technology is worth a fortune. 
  4. Its a rock surrounded by thousands of micrometeors, each one contains micro nugget of  gold.  All together their worth a fortune but they'll crack any space helmet that they smack into! Very dangerous and precious rocks. 
  5. A single two foot long brick of solid green jade from ancient China on Earth, the artifact is 12,000 years old. Who knows how it got here. 
  6. A strange glowing box that might be a 'slaver box'!  The box emits a tachyon pulse every twelve hours like clock work
  7. A wreck alien space capsule with its dead occupant still inside. There is a 20% chance of the thing being an ancient space mummy and trying to slay  anyone examining the wreckage. The capsule is  of a very advanced design. 
  8. The fossilized remains of an ancient alien dinosaur like creature worth millions to a super science center. There's a 4% chance of a human skull fossilized with the piece. 
  9. A deposit of space worthy iron ore worth a cool 200 credits to a ship yard smelting plant because of its purity. 
  10. A human astronaut's remains smashed into the rock by a giant claw like hand's impression! His identification packet is still with him even though its fifty years old.

1d10 Random Space Encounters Table
 on  An Asteroid Table

  1. 1d10 ancient space crickets used for harvesting rock and such are in hibernation on the asteroid. Any movement will awaken the clutch. They are capable of chewing through wires, hoses, and other metal pieces. They will be hungry after their nap. 
  2. A double hit point Earth Elemental free willed but unable to return to its home plane after being set free. A very dangerous and surly creature. 
  3. A sleeping asteroid worm whose mouth might be mistaken for a cave. The internal gut of this creature contains many valuable resources for a space craft and some spacers might pay valuable money for worm left overs. 
  4. 1d10 Minnock swarm! Will try to attach themselves onto any space going vessel and drain 1d10 charges from any electrical or power cells. 
  5. 1d6 flash frozen spacer zombies looking to hitch a ride and FEED! 
  6. Subspace wraith swarm, these energy lifeforms are looking to hitch a ride off of this rock and can be followed to a valuable cornea of a nearby star for a quick recharge for a ship. 
  7. Space slime elemental parasite capable of dissolving a star ship hull and feeding on a star ship core. Only a very strong energy signarture will distract it from a ship to feed on! The thing did uncover a valuable load of ore it was feeding on though. 
  8. An asteroid walking stick blends in with the back drop of the rock. The thing has extracted several rare ores from the asteroid which it is using for food at the moment. The thing has mono molecular claws and can cut the first layer of a star ship if threatened. 
  9. An ancient idol containing the essence of an alien demon. The thing has a 40% chance of trying to possess anyone coming to close to it. 
  10. This isn't an asteroid at all but the enclosed nest of a swarm of space borne genetically modified space craft destroying giant insects! Who will attack anyone they find upon awakening! 

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