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New Spell and Monster - Summon Ashturu Qaos Spiderling For Your Old School Science Fantasy Campaigns

Doré, Arachne
They are the Qaos corrupted children of a demonic goddess who is long forgotten by humanity. Her web brood spun their strands across the universe and lay waste to a billion worlds. Now they come to dance on the graves of the damned and profane. I will teach you my children how summon these horrors from beyond the pale. 
To summon them place the onyx blade over the small of the forth energy vortex above your stomach and begin to cut. You will need a piece of your small intestine for the summoning. The Demoniconan Fictum page 456 
Written in the year of Quo 

The abandoned colony world of Quo had been abandoned for over three hundred years only the book bound in human flesh remained on the altar of the main church. The light of  the twin suns cascading through the broken stained glass upon a pile of humanoid skulls stacked neatly near by the altar. 

The Qoas Spiderlings
Number appearing : 1d6 
Armor Class: 7 
Move: 12/.24" 
Hit Points : 200 
% in lair: 25% 
Treasure Type: U 
Damage/ Attacks: 2-20 
Special Attacks: Null Webbing
and often times super science weapons or relics. 
Special Defenses: Never Surprised 
Magic Resistance: 35% 
Intelligence: Genius 
Alignment: Chaotic Evil 
Size: L (17') 
Psionic Ability : Nil 
Attack and Defense Modes: Nil 
Level/XP Value: X/22,600 

The Qoas Spiderlings are the demonic legacy of an ancient Babylon spider goddess who was sacrficed upon an alter of the damned around a black star as it hollowed in the final golden red glow at the End Of Time. From her blood were born the Qoas Spiderlings, demonic creatures that crawled across the wastes of time and took their place between the spaces of the Abyss. These horrors spin webs that hold bits and pieces of the veil between the planes. They are the hunters of nations and the despoilers of alien cities across the planes. These demonic goddess horrors spin webs between the corners of time and space hunting mankind's souls. Only the choicest of morsels will do and they will stop at nothing to feast upon the sweetest of meats. They have all of the minor powers of demons but are blank spots for psychic and psionic abilities. The Qoas Spiderling's minds are filled with the power of oblivion and desolation. These horrors compete with their sisters for the choicest souls and are near genius in their ability to bring about destruction on a world shattering scale. Few other demons will tolerate their presence and have consigned them to the Outer Darkness and the Threshold outside reality itself.
They spin webs which can cut, slice, and ruin diamond hard materials yet trap men's souls as easily as a regular spiders trap a fly. They're claws can rend steel and yet peel the skin from a corpse as delicately as a surgeon. The spiderlings are always bound into the form of a beautiful and perfect maiden with the most hideous demonic  mutations of  flesh seen upon the planes.
These horrors serve no one demonic lord and are often found wandering the future alternative time lines at at the End of Time spinning their webs as time winds itself into final heat death oblivion. The spiderlings it is often said sing among themselves as they feast upon the bones and husks of great heroes who come to slay them. They gather the weapons, armor, and relics of such heroes and display them within their webs mocking the powers of good.
There have been many worlds that have reached the apex of their development and summon the Qaos Spiderling tribes to devour them in ritual suicide. The tribes often take the art, treasures, and trinkets to display in their webs at the End of Time and tempt mortals into foolishly trying to recover them.
The chaotic nature of the spider demons makes them sometimes destroy such treasures in fits of demonic rage and anger. Sometimes treasures are randomly forgotten as the spider demons grow chaotically bored with them and forget about them. Sometimes they leave the ghosts of those they feast on to guard such pretties and feed upon the souls who come to recover them. 
Killing the Qoas isn't easy for the demon things can gate in more of their kind with a 20% chance of succeeding but they are loath to do so. The spiderlings have no wish to share in the spoils of their hunting and corruption.
Spiders demons often persue missions for Demon lords acting as agents and mercenaries among the stars and relishing the opportunity to pass among mortal kind. These demon lords must knit and create the mortal guises for the Ashturu from the stuff of the damned. For though the spider demons may shape shift into mortal form for four hours at a time, only the guise created by a demon lord allows them to stay upon the mortal plane for hundred years or more carrying out the wishes of their masters.
Ashturu Qaos Spiderlings have a love of super science weapons and artifacts. They are demonically versed in the uses of these weapons of destruction and chaos. These horrors have an uncanny ability to use such impliments of technology without causing their demonic essence to ruin them. They will often use the most dangerous or destructive weapons they can recover from post apocalyptic planes or battlefields. Often these weapons will be from some far flung future battle field. The spiderlings will obsess about the nature, science, and totality of these devices. They will torture wizards, super scientists, and other learned men to know every nuance of the operations of such devices. Even going so far as to kidnap and spirit away such individuals to their lairs at the End of Time.

New Spell Summon Ashturu Qaos Spiderling
Six Level Spell (Black Magic)
The Ashturu are often the creators of the scrolls and spell books for their summoning for they are a vain race of demons and wish others to know their legends. These accounts are often embellished with the most hidieous and somewhat pornographic tales of their exploits upon the mortal plane. The spell to summon them requires a sacrifice of a piece of mortal's small intestine which is ritually burned and a web like diagram traced in red chalk to be inscribed. At least 100 gold pieces worth of treasure must be sacrificed under the new moon and the Ashturu will burst forth in a gout of cold icy wind. They will demand to know why they have been summoned and the supplicant must make Charisma check or be devoured. The Spiderlings will be quite dangerous during this time and it is advised that the caster have a sacrifice or two ready to feed them. They are often summoned for their knowledge of ancient super science and sorcery. More Charisma checks must be made to appease them and a relic of lost technology must be at hand to trade these being's uncanny knowledge of these subjects. Ashturu often will trade such knowledge for certain unsavory favors of a most unpleasant carnal nature. Clutches of eggs sometimes require the organs of procreation of the parent for proper birth. 

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