Tuesday, December 2, 2014

New 1d10 Random Death Lands Encounter Table For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaign

The deep Death Lands are where the radiation is thick and the riches are there for the taking with the right group of madmen and it is also where adventurers can encounter some of the most dangerous and dire hard cases ever to venture from a bunker. Here's an encounter table for a few of these dangerous and very unpredictable souls.
Exposure in this Death lands environment will present a radiation check every 1d8 rounds unless protective clothing is worn along with a clean air supply for a trip into these horrid lands of radiation, biological poison, and worse that comes in on the so called Ghost Wind. 

1d10 Random Death Lands Encounter Table
  1. A group of 1d6 relic hunters in ABC/radiation suits looking for a particularity ruined bunker that contains several key artifacts for their cult of Reservationists. 30% chance of one or more of them suffering from radiation sickness or zombie plague. 60% chance of one or more not being human at all. Armed with laser pistols & Geiger counters 
  2. A lone bounty hunter in a high tech personal armor with jet pack tracking a radiation resistant mutant criminal scum across these Death Lands. His brother was murdered by the green skinned horror and his people of the dome sent him on a mission to recover the bastard for their brand of justice. 
  3. Red skinned, dying, and without luck stumbles a super scientist whose been betrayed by his brethren and had his suit torn to shreds. The poor bastard has gotten a lethal dose and is on the verge of dying. In his hands is clutched his contaminated diary of all his technical knowledge and observations. 
  4. 1d8 radioactive zombies and undead things that are so, so, hot and very hungry. They will attack any moving lifeform and feed upon anything they come across. They are blind with their eyes burnt up but can actively hear sound and vibration around them. Their corpses are a contamination and radioactive hazard even if they are destroyed. 
  5. A trader clad in a heavy lead lined haz mat suit is on a mission for a rich client to retrieve a special medicine for her ailing son from a nearby ruin of a former hospital. He will pay 100 gold pieces with your party for help recovering the item and will also offer 1d4 radiation gone serum doses for help in addition. Armed with a assault gun, radiation detector, map, and a key to get into the place. 
  6. A blind and deaf dying worshiper of the Atom has come to make peace with his 'god' and die in the belly of the great Deathland. Unfortunately he is actually mutating into a radiation drinking mutant bio weapon and will turn on anything or anyone around him when he transitions into the hideous mutant menace. It will be better to kill him and put him out of his misery before he takes out an innocent or wanders into a village near the edge of the Death lands contaminating it. 
  7. A seemingly normal looking human is actually a 'dweller' a member of a fringe community of mutants that soaks up the rads like sunshine and carries on with a 'normal' life within the death lands. These mutants need deep metallic salts to sustain themselves and will act as a  guide within should the party assist him in getting the needed materials for his tribe. He will take as little as five gold pieces a day for services as long as he is assisted. He knows four choice spots to recover relics as well. 
  8. A mobile radiation containment robotic unit is charting out the life cycle of the Death lands and gathering information for its dark wizard master. It will offer to power up weapons and equipment in exchange for information about the local Death lands. The thing's wizard master is unpredictable at best and will try to enslave the party if he can. 
  9.  A 140 pound flying fungus creature that feeds on the radiation and biological containment agents. It  will attack anyone it runs across to hit them with its spore packet needles. The packet will explode into 1d8 baby fungus monsters. The thing uses an Gamma Eye style mutation up to fifty yards and will seek out any potential prey. It uses a high intensity beam of gamma radiation when it can to sizzle prey for egg laying. 
  10. A team of 1d20 super scientist's goons looking for slaves, experimental fodder and relic hunters to capture. These bastards are armed with heavy stunners, machine guns, radiation suits and bad attitudes. These goons are 4th level fighters and will kill at the drop of a hat. They have 1d8 minor relics and artifacts each. 

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