Wednesday, December 10, 2014

New 1d10 Wasteland Wonder Artifact & Finds Table For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

Adventurers sometimes run across some very high technology and super science items that don't conform to items from myth and legends.
 Here's a range of weird and strange items that your party can run across in the wastes.
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1d10 Wasteland Wonder Artifact & Finds Table 
  1. A strange green glowing crystal that glows in the presence of radiation within 200 kilometers of the host. The jewel will burn for 1d8 points of damage if the crystal is brought within three meters of a source of significant radiation. The crystal draws power from outside sources of radiation and weird background power sources. These crystals feel slightly slimy to the touch and almost seems to sweat like a small living thing. 
  2. This blue crystal ring allows the user to pick up small telepathic conversions within the ether within 200 meters when worn. Many owners put this ring onto a silver chain so that its easily removed.Owners of this ring sometimes suffer from a form of telepathic overload which will cause the user to suffer from a stunning feedback seizure for 1d4 rounds in areas of high psychic activity. Putting the ring into a leather pouch or other containment vessel will curtail the effects of the ring. The ring is powered by the bio electric field of the owner. 
  3. Blue Green lens has been made from a cut blue green crystal matrix and is used to see the auras of individuals. It is able to detect the PKE signature of certain types of supernatural and mutant species that possess and feed upon mutants and humans beings. 
  4. Red azure stone that turns black in the presence of poison or contaminants. The item is able to simulate the taste buds for phantom tastes of food when a recipe is read from a book or other medium drawing the sensations from the collective unconsciousness of humanity. 
  5. Bronze ring formed from a variety of weird circuit like metallic like crystal lattices over lapping each other. This ring is able to deliver a shock for 2d6 points of damage to someone in flesh to flesh contact or to charge a minor super science item for two charges. 
  6. Flat stone like six inch wide and long square of telepathically sensitive material that is able to project a three dimensional holographic representation of certain surface thoughts of the user. A mere entertainment device with a wide variety of applications for the Ancients. 
  7. A golden needle like device that creates nano thread from the surrounding air, able to stitch and heal minor wounds. Works with human and near human mutants bio signatures for power. 
  8. This bone like small device draws its energy from the negative planes and will grow cold in the presence of any undead or zombie plague infected individuals. The bone may draw out such infections but a living animal must be nearby to receive the infection. The poor creature must then be quickly within 1d6 rounds killed and its corpse destroyed before it raises up as one of these horrors.  The bone device must be cleansed in running water after each use though. 
  9. A stone like computer device that was used by the Ancients to store military secrets. Able only with another such device to telepathically download the secrets of the Ancients into the mind of an individual. These stones are slightly magnetic and will pull upon one another within twenty meters of each other. There are rumors of stones stored with telepathic viruses or worse security measures. 
  10. A black crystal that accesses the Outer Darkness and acts as a possessing gateway. These things were often used by ancient cults as soul traps or disposals for individuals who these post apocalyptic cults wanted murdered. Handling these devices allowed ancient demons access to the user and sometimes let the horrors in. 

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