Thursday, December 4, 2014

New 1d10 Deadly Finds Table From The Death Lands Table For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

Deep in the Death lands are certain finds that can be very deadly to adventurers, some of these items come attached to owners who will stop at nothing to track down their 'treasures', here are a few of these interesting and potentially deadly items of the wastes. Things that can change the lives of those adventurers whom they touch and run across. 
Don't forget to check for contamination and ruin. 
1d10 New and Deadly Finds Table
From the Death Lands 
  1. Tube of space age food actually a tube of bio gel paste filled with telepathic nanites and capable of generating a psychic virus within its host organism's brain. This virus links those within a 30 meter radius together in a confused and dangerous hive mind. The host will give off a slight radioactive signature from the cell engine within the virus organism. The host is capable of developing light telepathic mutations and crippling mental defects. 
  2. A set of ball baring like items actually the host object for a set of micro parasite robotic machines capable of tearing apart a host from the inside out. These horrors do 1d4 points of damage per round as they tear apart inner intestines of those they infect. Only certain super science medical kits can heal the damage that these things cause or cybernetic gut and stomach repairs. 
  3. A set of five mechanical head rings are actually relics of ancient wizard super science and allow one of these ancient enslaving bastards to turn the first fool who puts one of these on under mental domination. The victim will begin to try to restrain and put another head set on a victim creating another mental psychic slave. The wizard may cause energy emissions to be generated by the victim's brain doing 2d6 points of psychic and telekinetic damage to those within 20 meters of the wearer. 
  4. Bliss Virus Orb Grenade This black orb will cause all within a 50 meter radius of the super science item to experience a strange orgasm like seizure which will program the victim's back brain and cause episodes of psychotic violence and behavior. The orb will program the victim with episodes of psychic violence and extreme depravity each time it is activated. The thing will have 1d6 charges when found. 
  5. Sass crystalline spores - These cutting edge bio nano technological spores will explode in a cloud of beautiful multicolored patterns when their casings are found. The casings will seemingly be brightly colored pre holocaust plastic candies or other toy like objects. The victim must save vs death or have their skeletal structure explode with nano crystalline growths that will do 1d6 points of damage per round and cause ruptures across the bodies of their victims. A terror weapon developed by an unknown power during the holocaust. 
  6. Brass Ring Bugs - These strange beetle like parasites often are found among canned goods and other holocaust sundries. These horrors erupt in a riot of weird colors and the victim must save vs death or be temporarily rendered insane. The victim will be programmed for degrees of depression and high sexual like bouts of happiness followed by berserk episodes of murderous rage.  The bug may implant one of its young within the victim through a one point damage bite. The bug's worm like young will borrow its way to the victim's heart while inducing an incredible physical high within the victim paralyzing them with a seemingly sexual experience while the small horror kills him. The victim will burst with 1d20 more brass ring bugs. 
  7. Metallic Infector - An ordinary metallic treasure from before the holocaust often of gold or silver is actually a carrier for a dissolving nanite germ. Infector cults often center around these objects even as they kill their hosts. There's an almost religious experience of the 'dissolve' which does 3d6 points of damage per round to the victim as it happens. The victims congeal into rainbow colored puddles of nanite goo. 
  8. Transition Runners - These small seemingly innocent toy like devices are actually highly advanced super science robotic horrors. They sample the DNA of the victim and then turn themselves into a tailored poison for the victim whist telling them telepathically of dreams of the past. The victims seldom will ever give up their 'links to the past' even as these horrors kill them slowly over the course of many months. 
  9. Flashers - These strange devices flash simple small glowing mutli colored lights and are often found among toys. They have a slight telepathic signal that makes the victims not want to let them go. They are seemingly keepsakes from relatives who died during the holocaust. Or at least this is the telepathic message. The Flashers actually are minor radiation hazards that will cause the victims to develop low level cancers and other genetic defects after radiation checks are made over a 1d6 week period. Those who recognize these hazards will have a heck of a time trying to get them away from their victims. 
  10. The black box - The box is a seemingly simple black box that telepathically promises its owner so many things. The box brings death and with a high radioactive signature as its only warning the thing pulses with an alien radioactive power. Anyone opening the thing is subject to a 2d8 point radioactive beam of death that will dissolve them into a pile of ash 1d6 rounds after exposure unless a save vs death is made. The box has an evil sentience to it and will appear within the wastes where least expected. Often it will teleport away when not observed. An object with a very evil reputation. 

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